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PUBLIC LAW 102-587—NOV. 4, 1992 106 STAT. 5101 (c) LIMITATION ON SERVICE. — Any person appointed to the Advisory Panel pursuant to subsection (a)(4) shall serve for a term not to exceed 4 years, and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. (d) FUNCTIONS. —The Advisory Panel shall be invited to all nonexecutive meetings of the Umted States Section and at such meetings shall be grcuited the opportunity to examine and to be heard on all proposed programs of study and investigation, reports, and recommendations of the United States Section. (e) COMPENSATION AND EXPENSES.— The members of the Advisory Panel shall receive no compensation or travel expenses for their services as such members. SEC. 8006. COMMISSION RECOMMENDATIONS. 16 USC 5005. The Secretary, with the concurrence of the Secretary of Commerce, may accept or reject, on behalf of the United States, recommendations made by the Commission in accordance with article IX of the Convention. SEC. 8007. ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT OF CONVENTION. 16 USC 5006. (a) RESPONSIBILITIES.—The Secretary of Commerce shall be responsible for administering provisions of the Convention, this title, and regulations issued under this title. The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Transportation, shall be responsible for coordinating the participation of the United States in the Commission. (b) CONSULTATION AND COOPERATION. — In carrying out such functions, the Secretary of Commerce— (1) shall, in consultation with the Secretary of Transpor- Regulations. tation and the United States Section, issue such regiilations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Convention and this title; and (2) may, with the concurrence of the Secretary, cooperate with the authorized officials of the government of any Party. SEC. 8008. COOPERATION WITH OTHER AGENCIES. 16 USC 5007. (a) IN GENERAL,—Any agency of the Federal Government is authorized, upon request of the Commission, to cooperate in the conduct of scientific and other programs, and to furnish, on a reimbursable basis, facilities and personnel for the purpose of assisting the Commission in carrying out its duties under the Convention. Such agency may accept reimbursement from the Commission. (b) FUNCTIONS OF SECRETARY OF COMMERCE. — In carrying out the provisions of the Convention and this title, the Secretary of Commerce may arrange for cooperation with agencies of the United States, the States, private institutions and organizations, and agencies of the government of any Party, to conduct scientific and other programs, and may execute such memoranda as may be necessary to reflect such agreements. SEC. 8009. ENFORCEMENT PROVISIONS. 16 USC 5008. (a) DUTIES OF SECRETARIES OF COMMERCE AND TRANSPOR- TATION. — This title shall be enforced by the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Transportation. Such Secretaries may by agreement utilize, on a reimbursable basis or otherwise, the personnel, services, equipment (including aircraft and vessels), and facilities of any other Federal agency, including all elements of the Department of Defense, and of any State agency, in the peiformance