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SUBJECT INDEX B3 Page Arkansas Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1992 123 Buifalo National River, use and occupancy, termination 76 Joe Har^n Lock and Dam, designation 4824 John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building and United States Courthouse, designation 2247 Lake, designation 4824 Visitor Center, designation 4813 William Carl Gamer Visitors Center, designation 4824 Armed Forces Army National Guard Combat Readiness Reform Act of 1992 2536 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 1993 1876 Military Construction Appropriations Act, 1993 1366 Military Construction Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1993 2586 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1993 2315 Navy Deputy National Security Advisor, continuation in grade, temporary 216 Vessel transfers 72,443 Persian Gulf commemorative silver medals 137 Pueblo de Cochiti settlement agreement fund, authorization 960 Reservists, Persian Gulf crisis, unemployment compensation 293 Service Members Occupational Conversion and Training Act of 1992 2757 Arms and Munitions Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support Act of 1992 2347 Iran-Iraq Arms Non-Proliferation Act of 1992 2571 Nonproliferation and disarmament programs 3338 Weapons of Mass Destruction Control Act of 1992 2567 Artifacts See Historic Preservation Arts and Humanities Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial Fine Arts Center, FL, financial assistance 2168 National Film Preservation Act of 1992 267 National Gallery of Art grounds, boundary extension 864 Atomic Energy See Energy Audio Recordings See Communications Page Automobiles See Motor Vehicles Aviation Airport and Airway Safety, Capacity, Noise Improvement, and Intermodal Transportation Act of 1992 4872 Dayton Aviation Heritage Preservation Act of 1992 2141 FAA Civil Penalty Administrative Assessment Act of 1992 923 Federal Aviation Administration Research, Engineering, and Development Authorization Act of 1992 4895 Federal Aviation Administration, Administrator, appointment 273 Institute for Aviation Weather Prediction, MO, establishment 5119 Awards See Decorations, Medals, Awards B Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Judgeship Act of 1992 965 Banks and Banking Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act 4044 Depository Institutions Disaster Relief Act of 1992 2771 Export Enhancement Act of 1992 2186 Farm Credit Banks and Associations Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 4102 Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 3941 Federal Reserve Bank Branch Modernization Act 3144 International financial institutions 3357 National Bank Receivership Act 4080 Savings associations' subsidiaries, separate capitalization transition rule, extension ....276 Barges See Maritime Affairs Boards and Commissions Assassination Records Review Board, establishment 3449 Commission on Child and Family Welfare, establishment 3406 Commission on Technology and Procurement, establishment 25 Commission on the Social Security "Notch" Issue, establishment 1777 Daj^n Aviation Heritage Commission, establishment 2144 Indian Energy Resource Commission, establishment 3115 Jacob K. Javits Fellows Program Fellowship Board, establishment 766