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B6 SUBJECT INDEX Page Coins—Continued World Cup USA Commemorative Coin Act 135 World War II 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins Act 2106 Colleges and Universities See Education Colorado Ekberg-Copper Spur Ranch, land exchange 183 Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel, authorization 4655 Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Act of 1992 1961 Commerce and Trade See also Business and Industry Exports and Imports AID, Trade, and Competitiveness Act of 1992 3658 Automotive fuel ratings, clarification and posting 2996 Commercial space competitiveness 5122 Department of Commerce Appropriations Act, 1993 1848 Export Enhancement Act of 1992 2186 Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1993 1633 FREEDOM Support Act 3320 Futures Trading Act of 1992 3590 Gambling devices, intrastate transportation 61 Land Remote Sensing Policy Act of 1992 4163 Prescription Drug Amendments of 1992 941 SI metric system 847 Technology Administration Authorization Act of 1991 7 Tourism Policy and Export Promotion Act ofl992 1170 Trademark Remedy Clarification Act 3567 United States-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 1448 Commissions See Boards and Commissions Commodities See Agriculture Commonwealth of Independent States Former Soviet republics, assistance 95 Former Soviet Union Demilitarization Act of 1992 2563 FREEDOM Support Act 3320 Soviet Scientists Immigration Act of 1992 3316 Communications Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 4237 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 1460 Closed captioning. Presidential candidates, requirement 1764 Films "The Voice" documentary, domestic distribution 2262 National Film Preservation Act of 1992 267 National Film Registpr 267,270 Health care and education services, telecommunication improvements 4098 National Telecommunications and Information Administration Organization Act 3533 Public Broadcasting Public Telecommunications Act of 1992 949 Radio "All of Our Yesterdays' documentary, domestic distribution 2262 Rural Electrification Administration Improvement Act of 1992 2183 Telecommunications Authorization Act of 1992 3533 Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act 4181 Community Development Community Investment Corporation Demonstration Act 3859 Community Outreach Partnership Act of 1992 3855 Distressed communities, assistance 1160 Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 3672 John Heinz Neighborhood Development Act 3852 National Cities in Schools Community Development Program 3807 Community Service Civilian Community Corps, establishment 2522 National and Community Service Technical Amendment Act of 1992 1455 Compensation See Labor Concurrent Resolutions American Visionary Art Museum 5200 Baha'i faith, Iranian persecution 5193 Bills and resolutions, official duplicates, certification 5207 Cascadia Corridor Commission, U.S. participation 5208 Congress Adjournment 5163, 5189,5195,5196,5201,5215 Joint committees Inaugural Ceremonies 5192 Organization of the Congress 5196 Joint session 5161 Enrolled bills, corrections Administrative conference authority (H.R. 3379) 5203