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106 STAT. 4650 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 under subsections (b)(4)(D), (b)(3)(A), and (b)(3)(B) into the Account as principal. (3) All amounts deposited in the Account pursuant to subsections (b)(1) and (2), and any amount deposited as principal under paragraphs (c)(l) and (c)(2), shall constitute the principal of the Account. No part of the principal amount may be expended for any purpose. (d) ADMINISTRATION BY THE UTAH DIVISION OF WILDLIFE RESOURCES. —(1) After the date on which the Commission terminates under section 301, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources or its successor shall receive— (A) all amounts contributed annually to the Account pursuant to section 402(b)(3)(B); and (B) all interest on the principal of the Account, at the beginning of each year. The portion of the interest earned on the principal of the Account that exceeds the amount required to increase the principal of the Account proportionally on March 1 of each year by the percentage increase during the previous calendar year in the Consumer Price Index for urban consiuners published by the Department of Labor, shall be available for expenditure by the Division in accordance with this section. (2) The funds received by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources under paragraph (1) shall be expended in a manner that fulfills the purposes of the Account established under this Act, in consultation with and pursuant to, a conservation plan and amendments thereto to be developed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. (3) The funds to be distributed from the Account shall not be applied as a substitute for funding which would otherwise be provided or available to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. (e) AUDIT BY INSPECTOR GENERAL. — The financial management of the Account shall be subject to audit by the Inspector General of the Department of the Interior. TITLE V—UTE INDIAN RIGHTS SETTLEMENT SEC. SOI. FINDINGS. (a) FINDINGS. — The Congress finds the following— (1) the unquantified Federal reserved water rights of the Ute Indian Tribe are the subject of existing claims and prospective lawsuits involving the United States, the State, and the District and numerous other water users in the Uinta Basin. The State and the Tribe negotiated, but did not implement, a compact to quantify the Tribe's reserved water rights. (2) There are other unresolved Tribal claims arising out of an agreement dated September 20, 1965, where the Tribe deferred development of a portion of its reserved water rights for 15,242 acres of the Tribe's Group 5 Lands in order to facilitate the construction of the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project. In exchange the United States undertook to develop substitute water for the benefit of the Tribe. (3) It was intended that the Central Utah Project, through construction of the Upalco and Uintah Units (Initial Phase) and the Ute Indian Unit (Ultimate Phase) would provide water