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PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 107 STAT. 2059 Sec. 502. Establishment of NAFTA transitional a4justment assistance program. Sec. 503. Conforming amendments. Sec. 504. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 505. Termination of transition program. Sec. 506. Effective date. Sec. 507. Treatment of self-employment assistance programs. Subtitle B—Provisions Relating to Performance Under the Agreement Sec. 511. Discriminatory taxes. Sec. 512. Review of the operation and effects of the agreement. Sec. 513. Actions affecting United States cultural industries. Sec. 514. Report on impact of NAFTA on motor vehicle exports to Mexico. Sec. 515. Center for the study of Western Hemispheric Trade. Sec. 516. Effective date. Subtitle C—Funding PART 1—CUSTOMS USER FEES Sec. 521. Fees for certain customs services. PART 2—INTERI-^AL REVENUE CODE AMENDMENTS Sec. 522. Authority to disclose cctrtain tax information to the United States customs service. Sec. 523. Use of electronic fund transfer system for collection of certain taxes. Subtitle D—Implementation of NAFTA Supplemental Agreements PART 1—AGREEMENTS RELATING TO LABOR AND ENVIRONMENT Sec. 531. Agreement on labor cooperation. Sec. 532. Agreement on environmental cooperation. Sec. 533. Agreement on Border Environment Cooperation Commission. PART 2—NORTH AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK AND RELATED PROVISIONS. Sec. 541. North American Development Bank. Sec. 542. Status, immunities, ana privileges. Sec. 543. Community adjustment and investment program. Sec. 544. Definition. TITLE VI—(JUSTOMS MODERNIZATION Sec. 601. Reference. Subtitle A—Improvements in Customs Enforcement Sec. 611. Penalties for violations of arrival, reporting, entry, and clearance requirements. Sec. 612. Failure to declare. Sec. 613. Customs testing laboratories; detention of merchandise. Sec. 614. Recordkeeping. Sec. 615. Examination of books and witnesses. Sec. 616. Judicial enforcement. Sec. 617. Review of protests. Sec. 618. Repeal of provision relating to reliquidation on account of fraud. Sec. 619. Penalties relating to muniiests. Sec. 620. Unlawful unlading or transshipment. Sec. 621. Penalties for fraud, gross negligence, and negligence; prior disclosure. Sec. 622. Penalties for false drawback claims. Sec. 623. Interpretive rulings and decisions; public information. Sec. 624. Seizure authority. Subtitle B—National Customs Automation Program - ^ Sec. 631. National Customs Automation Program. Sec. 632. Drawback and refunds. Sec. 633. Effective date of rates of duty. Sec. 634. Definitions. Sec. 635. Manifests. Sec. 636. Invoice contents. --...-. Sec. 637. Entry of merchandise. Sec. 638. Appraisement and other procedures. Sec. 639. Voluntary reliquidations. Sec. 640. Appraisement regulations. Sec. 641. Limitation on liquidation.