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107 STAT. 2060 PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 Sec. 642. Payment of duties and fees. . .< Sec. 643. Abandonment and dama^. Sec. 644. Customs officer's immimity. Sec. 645. Protests. Sec. 646. Refunds and errors. Sec. 647. Bonds and other security. Sec. 648. Customhouse brokers. Sec. 649. Conforming amendments. Subtitle C—Miscellaneous Amendments to the TarifiT Act of 1930 Sec. 651. Administrative exemptions. Sec. 652. Report of arrival. Sec. 653. Entry ofvessels. Sec. 654. Unlawful retiim of foreign vessel papers. Sec. 655. Vessels not required to enter. Sec. 656. Unlading. Sec. 657. Declarations. Sec. 658. General orders. Sec. 659. Unclaimed merchandise. Sec. 660. Destruction of merchandise. Sec. 661. Proceeds of sale. Sec. 662. Entry under regulations. Sec. 663. American trademarks. Sec. 664. Simplified recordkeeping for merchandise transported by pipeline. Sec. 665. Entry for warehouse. Sec. 666. Cartage. Sec. 667. Seizure. Sec. 668. Limitation on actions. " •'•-•• Sec. 669. Collection of fees on behalf of other agencies. Sec. 670. Authority to settle claims. / '" '. Sec. 671. Use of private collection agencies. Subtitle D—Miscellaneous Provisions and Consequential and Conforming Amendments to Other Laws Sec. 681. Amendments to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Sec. 682. Customs personnel airport work shift regulation. Sec. 683. Use of harbor maintenance trust funa amounts for administrative ex* penses. Sec. 684. Amendments to title 28, United States Code. Sec. 685. Treasury forfeiture fund. Sec. 686. Amendments to the Revised Statutes of the United States. Sec. 687. Amendments to title 18, United States Code. Sec. 688. Amendment to the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. Sec. 689. Miscellaneous technical amendments. Sec. 690. Repeal of obsolete provisions of law. Sec. 691. Reports to Congress. Sec. 692. Effective date. 19 USC 3301. SEC. 2. DEFINITIONS. For purposes of this Act: (1) AGREEMENT.—The term "Agreement" means the North American Free Trade Agreement approved by the Congress under section 101(a). (2) HTS.— The term "HTS" means the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. (3) MEXICO.— Any reference to Mexico shall be considered to be a reference to the United Mexican States. (4) NAFTA COUNTRY. — Except as provided in section 202, the term "NAFTA country" means— (A) Canada for such time as the Agreement is in force with respect to, and the United States applies the Agreement to, Canada; and