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PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 107 STAT. 2083 of the good can reasonably be demonstrated to be a part of that production. (9) INTERMEDIATE MATERIAL. —The term "intermediate material" means a material that is self-produced, used in the production of a good, and designated pursuant to subsection (b)(10). (10) MARQUE.—The term 'barque" means the trade name used by a separate marketing division of a motor vehicle assembler. (11) MATERIAL. —The term "material" means a good that is used in the production of another good and includes a part or an ingredient. (12) MODEL LINE.— The term "model line" means a group of motor vehicles having the same platform or model name. (13) MOTOR VEHICLE ASSEMBLER.The term "motor vehicle assembler" means a producer of motor vehicles and any related persons or joint ventures in which the producer participates. (14) NAFTA COUNTRY.— The term "NAFTA country" means the United States, Canada or Mexico for such time as the Agreement is in force with respect to Canada or Mexico, and the United States applies the Agreement to Canada or Mexico. (15) NEW BUILDING.— The term "new building" means a new construction, including at least the pouring or construction of new foundation and floor, the erection of a new structure and roof, and installation of new pliunbing, electrical, and other utilities to house a complete vehicle assembly process. (16) NET COST.— l lie term "net cost" means total cost less sales promotion, marketing and after-sales service costs, royalties, shipping and packing costs, and nonallowable interest costs that are included in the total cost. (17) NET COST OF A GOOD. — The term "net cost of a good" means the net cost that can be reasonably allocated to a good using one of the methods set out in subsection (b)(8). (18) NONALLOWABLE INTEREST COSTS.—The term "nonallowable interest costs" means interest costs incurred by a producer as a result of an interest rate that exceeds the applicable federal government interest rate for comparable maturities by more than 700 basis points, determined pursuant to regulations implementing this section. (19) NONORIGINATING GOOD; NONORIGINATING MATERIAL. — The term "nonoriginating good" or "nonoriginating material" means a good or material that does not qualify as an originating good or material under the rules of origin set out in this section. (20) ORIGINATING.— The term "originating" means qualify- ing under the rules of origin set out in mis section. (21) PRODUCER.— The term "producer" means a person who grows, mines, harvests, fishes, traps, hunts, manufactures, processes, or assembles a good. (22) PRODUCTION.— The term "production" means growing, mining, harvesting, fishing, trapping, hunting, manufacturing, processing, or assembling a good. (23) REASONABLY ALLOCATE.—The term "reasonably allocate" means to apportion in a manner appropriate to the circumstances.