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PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 107 STAT. 2143 '^vi) a determination as to which extraordinary challenge committee review has terminated pursuant to paragraph 12 of article 1905 of the NAFTA. (E) The first and second sentences of paragraph (3)(B) are amended to read as follows: "A determination described in subparagraph (A)(i) or (iv) is reviewable under subsection (a) onl^ if the party seeking to commence review has provided timely notice of its intent to commence such review to— "(i) the United States Secretary and the relevant FTA Secretary; "(ii) all interested parties who were parties to the proceeding in connection with which the matter arises; and "(iii) the administering authority or the Commission, as appropriate. Such notice is timely provided if the notice is delivered no later than the date that is 20 days after the date described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of subsection (a)(5) that is applicable to such determination, except that, if the time tor n^questing binational panel review is suspended under paragraph (SXAXii) of this subsection, any imexpired time for providing notice of intent to commence judicial review shall, during the pendency of any such suspension, also be suspended.". (F) Paragraph (4)(A) is amended— (i) in the first sentence— (I) by inserting the North American Free Trade A^*eement Implementation Act implementing the binational dis^te settlement system under chapter 19 of the NAFTA, or" after "or amendment made by,"; (II) by inserting a comma before "violates"; (III) by inserting "only" after "may be brought"; and (IV) by inserting ", which shall have jiuisdiction of such action" after "Circuit"; and (ii) by striking the last sentence. (G) Paragraph (5) is amended— (i) by inserting "of the NAFTA or" after "article 1904" in each of subparagraphs (A), (B), and (C)(i); (ii) by striking out ", the Canadian Secretary," in subparagraph (C)(ii) and inserting ", the relevant FTA Secretary,"; and (iii) by inserting "of the NAFTA or" after "chapter 19" in subparagraph (C)(iii). (H) Paragraph (6) is amended by inserting "of the NAFTA or" after article 1904". (I) Paragraph (7) is amended— (i) by inserting "OF THE NAFTA OR THE AGREEMENT" before the period in the paragraph heading; (ii) by striking out "IN GENERAL. —" in the heading to subparagraph (A) and inserting "AcnoN UPON REMAND. —"; and (iii) by inserting "the NAFTA or" before "the Agreement" in subparagraph (A). (J) Paragraph (8)(A) is amended—