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107 STAT. 2166 PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 K tion of the United States for shares described in paragraph (1), there are authorized to be appropriated $1,500,000,000 ($225,000,000 of which may be used for paid-in capital and $1,275,000,000 of which may be used for callable capital) without fiscal year limitation. (3) FUNDING; LIMITATION ON CALLABLE CAPITAL SUBSCRIP- TIONS. — (A) FUNDING.— For fiscal year 1995, the Secretary of the Treasury shall pay to the Bank out of any sums in the Treasury not otnerwise appropriated the sum of $56,250,000 for the paid-in portion of the United States share of the capital stock of the Bank, 10 percent of which may be transferred by the Bank to the President pursuant to section 543 to pay for the cost of direct and guaranteed Federal loans. (B) LIMITATION ON CALLABLE CAPITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS.— For fiscal year 1995, the Secretary of the Treasury shall subscribe to the callable capital portion of the United States share of the capital stock of the Bank in an amount not to exceed $318,750,000. (4) DISPOSITION OP NET INCOME DISTRIBUTED BY THE FACIL- ITY.—Any payment made to the United States by the Bank as a distribution of net income shall be covered into the Treasury as a miscellaneous receipt. (c) COMPENSATION OF BOARD MEMBERS. —NO person shall be entitled to receive any salary or other compensationfi:t)mthe Bank or the United States for services as a Board member. (d) APPLICABILITY OF BRETTON WOODS AGREEMENTS ACT.— The provisions of section 4 of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act shall apply with respect to the Bank to the same extent as with respect to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Monetary Fund. (e) RESTRICTIONS. —Unless authorized by law, neither the President nor any person or agency shall, on behalf of the United States— (1) subscribe to additional shares of stock of the Bank; (2) vote for or agree to any amendment of the Cooperation Agreement which increases the obligations of the United States, or which changes the purpose or functions of the Bank; or (3) make a loan or provide other financing to the Bank. (f) FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS AS DEPOSITORIES. —Any Federal Reserve bank that is requested to do so by the Bank shall act as its depository^ or as its fiscal agent, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System shall supervise and direct the carry- ing out of these functions by the Federal Reserve banks. (g) JURISDICTION OF UNITED STATES COURTS AND ENFORCEMENT OF ARBITRAL AWARDS. —For the purpose of any civil action which may be brought within the United States, its territories or possessions, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, by or against the Bank in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement, including an action brought to enforce an arbitral award against the Bank, the Bank shall be deemed to be an inhabitant of the Federal judicial district in which its principal office within the United States or its agency appointed for the purpose of accepting service or notice of service is located, and any such action to which the Bank shall be a party shall be deemed to arise under the laws of the United States, and the district courts of the United States,