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PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 107 STAT. 2189 "(G) The electronic selection of high risk entries for examination (cargo selectivity and entry summary selectivity). "(2) Planned components: "(A) The electronic filing and status of protests. "(B) The electronic filing (including remote filing under section 414) of entry information with the Customs Service at any location. "(C) The electronic filing of import activity summary statements and reconciliation. "(D) The electronic filing of bonds. "(E) The electronic pencuty process. "(F) The electronic filing of drawback claims, records, or entries. "(G) Any other component initiated by the Customs Service to carry out the goals of this subpart, "(b) PARTICIPATION IN PROGRAM. —The Secretary shall by regu- Regulations. lation prescribe the eligibility criteria for participation in the Program. Participation in the Program is voluntary. "SEC. 412. PROGBAM GOALS. 19 USC 1412. The goals of the Program are to ensure that all regulations and rulings that are administered or enforced by the Customs Service are administered and enforced in a manner that— "(1) is imiform and consistent; "(2) is as minimally intrusive upon the normal flow of business activity as practicable; and "(3) improves cc»mpliance. <«EC. 413. IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION OF PROGRAM. 19 USC 1413. "(a) OVERALL PROGRAM PLAN.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —Before the 180th day after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall develop and transmit to the Committees an overall plan for the Program. The overall Program plan shall set forth— " (A) a general description of the ultimate configuration of the Program; "(B) a description of each of the existing components of the Program listed in section 411(a)(l); and "(C) estimates regarding the stages on which planned components of the Program listed in section 411(a)(2) will be brought on-line. "(2) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. —In addition to the information required under paragraph (1), the overall Program plan shall include a statement regarding— "(A) the extent to which the existing components of the Program currently meet, and the planned components will meet, the Program goals set forth in section 412; and "(B) the efliects that the existing components are currently having, and the effects that the planned components will likely have, on— (i) importers, brokers, and other users of the Program, and "(ii) Customs Service occupations, operations, processes, and systems. "(b) IMPLEMENTATION PLAN, TESTING, AND EVALUATION.—