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107 STAT. 2196 PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 .. "(I) headings 2707, 2708, 2710, 2711, 2712, 2713, 2714, 2715, 2901, and 2902 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, or "(ID headings 3901 through 3914 of such Schedule (as such headings apply to liquids, pastes, powders, granules, and flakes), and (ii) which is— "(I) manufactured or produced as described in subsection (a) or (b) from crude petroleimi or a petroleum derivative, or "(II) imported duty-paid. ' "(B) An exportea article is of the same kind and quality as the qualified article for which it is substituted under this subsection if it is a product that is commercially interchangeable with or referred to under the same eignt-digit classification of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States as the qualified article. "(C) The term 'drawback claimant' means the exporter of the exported article or the refiner, producer, or importer of such article. Any person eligible to file a drawback claim under this subparagraph may designate another person to file such cledm. "(4) LIMITATION ON DRAWBACK.—The amount of drawback payable under this subsection shall not exceed the amount of drawback that would be attributable to the article— "(A) manufactured or produced under subsection (a) or (b) by the manufacturer or producer described in clause (i) or (ii) of paragraph (2)(A), or "(B) imported under clause (iii) or (iv) of paragraph (2)(A).' '. (7) The following new subsections are inserted after subsection (p): "(q) PACKAGING MATERIAL. —Packaging material, when used on or for articles or merchandise exported or destroyed under subsection (a), (b), (c), or (j), shall be eligible under such subsection for refund, as drawback, of 99 percent of any duty, tax, or fee imposed under Federal law on the importation of such material, "(r) FILING DRAWBACK CLAIMS.— "(1) A drawback entry and all documents necessary to complete a drawback claim, including those issued by the Customs Service, shall be filed or applied for, as applicable, within 3 years after the date of exportation or destruction of the articles on which drawback is claimed, except that any landing certificate required by regulation shall be filed within the time limit prescribed in such regulation. Claims not completed within the 3-year period shall be considered abandoned. No extension will be granted unless it is established that the Customs Service was responsible for the untimely filing. "(2) A drawback entry for refund filed pursuant to any subsection of this section shall be deemed filed pursuant to any other subsection of this section should it be determined that drawback is not allowable under the entry as originally filed but is allowable under such other subsection, "(s) DESIGNATION OF MERCHANDISE BY SUCCESSOR.— "(1) For purposes of subsection (b), a drawback successor may designate imported merchandise used by the predecessor before the date of succession as the basis for drawback on