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PUBLIC LAW 103-162—DEC. 1, 1993 107 STAT. 1969 .' ^f (G) the Manumuskin River, lower segment, from its confluence with the Maurice River to 2.0 miles upstream, as a recreational river; (H) the Manumuskin River, upper segment, from 2.0 miles upstream from its confluence with the Maurice River to headwaters near Route 557, approximately 12.3 miles, as a scenic river; and (I) the Muskee Creek from its confluence to the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Line Railroad bridge, approximately 2.7 miles, as a scenic river; (2) a resource assessment of the Maiuice River and its tributaries, Menantico Creek, the Manumuskin River, and the Muskee Creek shows that the area possesses numerous outstandingly remarkable natural, cultural, scenic, and recreational resources that are significant at the local, regional, and international levels, including rare plant and animal species and critical habitats for birds migrating to and from the north and south hemispheres; and (3) a river management plan for the river system has been developed by the Cumberland County Department of Planning and Development and adopted by the Maurice River Township, Commercial Township, and the City of Millville that would meet the requirements of section 6(c) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the City of Vineland has adopted a master plan which calls for river planning and management and is in the process of adopting zoning ordinances to implement their plan, and Buena Vista Township in Atlantic County has adopted a land use plan consistent with the Pinelands Comprehensive Plan which is more restrictive than the Cumberland Coimty local river management plan. (b) PURPOSES. —The purposes of this Act are to— (1) declare the importance and irreplaceable resource values of the Maurice River and its tributaries to water quality, human health, traditional economic activities, ecosystem integrity, biotic diversity, fish and wildlife, scenic open space and recreation and protect such values through designation of the segments as components of the National Wild andScenic Rivers System; (2) recognize that the Maurice River System will continue to be threatened by major development and that land use regulations of the individual local political jurisdictions through which the river segments pass cannot alone provide for an adequate balance between conservation of the river's resources and commercial and industrial development; and (3) recognize that segments of the Maurice River and its tributaries additional to those designated under this Act are eligible for potential designation at some point in the near future. SEC. 2. DESIGNATION. Section 3(a) of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (16 U.S.C. 1274(a)) is amended by adding the following new paragraphs at the end thereof: "( ) THE MAURICE RIVER, MIDDLE SEGMENT. — From Route 670 Bridge at Mauricetown to 3.6 miles upstream (at drainage ditch just upstream of Fralinger Farm), approximately 3.8 miles to be administered by the Secretary of the Interior as a scenic river.