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107 STAT. 2282 PUBLIC LAW 103-190—DEC. 14, 1993 (i) PROHIBITION.— The order shall prohibit the use of any funds received by the PromoFlor Council in any manner for the purpose of influencing legislation or government action or policy, except that the funds may be used by the PromoFlor Council for the development and recommendation to the Secretary of amendments to the order. (j) BOOKS AND RECORDS; REPORTS. — (1) IN GENERAL. —The order shall provide that each qualified handler shall maintain, and make available for inspection, such books and records as are required by the order and file reports at the time, in the manner, and having the content required by the order, to the end that such information is made available to the Secretary and the PromoFlor Council as is appropriate for the administration or enforcement of this Act, the order, or any regulation issued under this Act. (2) CONFIDENTIALITY REQUIREMENT. — (A) IN GENERAL. —Information obtained from books, records, or reports under paragraph (1) or subsection (h)(6), or from reports required under section 6(b)(3), shall be kept confidential by all officers and employees of the Department of Agriculture and by the staff and agents of the PromoFlor Council. (B) SUITS AND HEARINGS. —Information described in subparagraph (A) may be disclosed to the public only— (i) in a suit or administrative hearing broiight at the request of the Secretary, or to which the Sec- - retary or any officer of the United States is a party, involving the order; and (ii) to the extent the Secretary considers the information relevant to the suit or hearing. (C) GENERAL STATEMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS. —Nothing in this paragraph may be construed to prohibit— (i) the issuance of general statements, based on the reports, of the number of persons subject to the order or statistical data collected from the reports, if the statements do not identify the information furnished by any person; or (ii) the publication, by direction of the Secretary, of the name of any person who violates the order, together with a statement of the particular provisions of the order violated by the person. (3) LISTS OF IMPORTERS.— (A) RE^VIEW.- The order shall provide that the staff of the PromoFlor Council shall periodically review Ksts of importers of cut flowers and cut greens to determine whether persons on the lists are subject to the order. (B) CUSTOMS SERVICE. —On the request of the PromoFlor Council, the Commissioner of the United States Customs Service shall provide to the PromoFlor Council lists of importers of cut flowers and cut greens. (k) CONSULTATIONS WITH INDUSTRY EXPERTS. — (1) IN GENERAL. —The order shall provide that the PromoFlor Council, from time to time, may seek advice from and consult with experts from the production, import, wholesale, and retail segments of the cut flowers and cut greens industry to assist in the development of promotion, consumer information, and related research plans and projects.