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PUBLIC LAW 103-198—DEC. 17, 1993 107 STAT. 2309 SEC. 3. JUKEBOX UCENSE& (a) REPEAL OF COMPULSORY LICENSE.— Section 116 of title 17, United States Code, and the item relating to section 116 in the table of sections at the beginning of chapter 1 of such title, are repealed. (b) NEGOTIATED LICENSES. —(1) Section 116A of title 17, United States Code, is amended— (A) by redesignating such section as section 116; (B) by strUdng subsection (b) and redesignating subsections (c) and (d) as subsections (b) and (c), respectively; (C) in subsection (b)(2) (as so redesignated) by striking "Copyright Royal^ Tribunal" each place it appears and inserting Librarian oCongress"; (D) in subsection (c) (as so redesignated)— (i) in the subsection caption by striking 'HOYALTY TRIBUNAL* and inserting "ARBITRATION ROYALTY PANEL"; (ii) by striking "subsection (c)" and inserting "subsection (b)"; and (iii) by striJIdng "the Copyright Royalty Tribunal" and inserting "a cop;yrright arbitration royalty panel"; and (E) by striking subsections (e), (f), and (g). (2) The table of stsctions at the beginning of chapter 1 of title 17, United States Code, is amended by striking "116A" and inserting "116". SEC. 4. PUBLIC BROADCASTING COMPULSORY UCENSE. Section 118 of title 17, United States Code, is amended— (1) in subsection (b)-- (A) by striking the first 2 sentences; (B) in the third sentence by striking "works specified by this subsection" and inserting "published nondramatic musical works and published pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works"; (C) in paragraph (1)— (i) in the first sentence by striking ", within one hundred and twenty days after publication of the notice specified in this subsection,"; and (ii) by striking "Copyright Royalty Tribimal" each place it appears and inserting "Librarian of Congress"; (D) in paragraph (2) by striking "Tribunal" and inserting "Librarian of Congress; (E) in paragraph (3)— (i) by striking the first sentence and inserting the following: "In the absence of license agreements nego- Federal tiated under paragraph (2), the Librarian of Congress ^fji^^ion shall, pursuant to chapter 8, convene a copyright ^" arbitration royalty panel to determine and publish in the Federal Register a schedule of rates and terms which, subject to paragraph (2), shall be binding on all owners of copynght in works specified by this subsection and public broadcasting entities, regardless of whether such copyright owners have submitted proposals to the Librarian of Congress."; (ii) in the second sentence— (I) by striking "Copjrright Royalty Tribunal" and inserting "copyright arbitration royalty panel"; and