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107 STAT. 2318 PUBLIC LAW 103-199—DEC. 17, 1993 Sec. 503. Foreign Service Bmldings Act TITLE VI—OCEANS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Sec. 601. Arctic Research and Policy Act. Sec. 602. Fur seal management Sec. 603. Global climate protection. TITLE VII—REGIONAL AND GENERAL DIPLOMATIC ISSUES Sec. 701. United Nations assessments. Sec. 702. Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Sec. 703. Ansola. ^' ' Sec. 704. Self determination of the people from the Baltic States. Sec. 705. Obsolete references in Foreip^ Assistance Act. Sec. 706. Review of United States policy toward the Soviet Union. TITLE VIII—INTERNAL SECURITY; WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY Sec. 801. Civil defense. Sec. 802. Report on Soviet press manipulation in the United States. Sec. 803. Subversive Activities Control Act. Sec. 804. Report on Soviet and international communist behavior. TITLE EC—MISCELLANEOUS Sec. 901. Ballistic missile tests near Hawaii. Sec. 902. Nondelivery of international mail. Sec. 903. State-sponsored harassment of religious groups. Sec. 904. Murder of Minor Arthiu* Nicholson. Sec. 905. Monument to nonor victims of commimism. 22 USC 5801 SEC. 3. DEFINITION. As used in this Act (including the amendments made by this Act), the terms "independent states of the former Soviet union" and "independent states" have the meaning ^ven those terms by section 3 of the Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support Act of 1992 (22 U.S.C. 5801). TITLE I—POLICY OF FREENDSfflP AND COOPERATION 22 USC 5801 SEC. 101. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. The pvurpose of this Act is to amend or repeal numerous statutory provisions that restrict or otherwise impede normal relations between the United States and the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the other independent stetes of the former Soviet Union. All of the stetutory provisions amended or repealed by this Act were relevant and appropriate at the time of enactment, but with the end of the Cola War, they have become obsolete. It is not the purpose of this Act to rewrite or erase history, or to forget those who suffered in the past from the i]:\justices or repression of communist regimes in the Soviet Union, but rather to update United States law to reflect changed international circumstances and te demonstrate for reformers and democrate in the independent stetes of the former Soviet Union the resolve of the people of the United States to support the process of democratic and economic reform and to conduct business with those stetes in a new spirit of friendship and cooperation. 22 USC 5801 SEC. 102. FINDINGS. The Congress finds and declares as follows: (1) The Vancouver Declaration issued by President Clinton and President Yeltein in April 1993 marked a new milestone in the development of the spirit of cooperation and partnership