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107 STAT. 2370 PUBLIC LAW 103-204—DEC. 17, 1993 Sec. 32. Definition of property. Sec. 33. Sense of the Congress relating to participation of disabled Americans in contracting for delivery of services to financial institution regulatory agencies. Sec. 34. Report to Congress by Special Counsel. Sec. 35. Reporting requirements. Sec. 36. Continuation of conservatorships or receiverships. Sec. 37. Exceptions for certain transactions. Sec. 38. Bank deposit financial assistance program. SEC. 2. FINAL FUNDING FOR RTC. Section 21A(i) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act (12 U.S.C. 1441a(i)) is amended— (1) in paragraph (3), by striking "until April 1, 1992"; and (2) by adding at the end the following new paragraphs: "(4) CONDITIONS ON AVAILABILITY OF FINAL FUNDING IN EXCESS OF $10,000,000,000.— "(A) CERTIFICATION REQUIRED. —Of the funds appropriated under paragraph (3) which are provided after April 1, 1993, any amount in excess of $10,000,000,000 shall not be available to the Corporation before the date on which the Secretary of the Treasury certifies to the Congress that, since the date of enactment of the Resolution Trust Corporation Completion Act, the Corporation has taken such action as may be necessary to comply with the requirements of subsection (w) or that, as of the date of the certification, the Corporation is continuing to make adequate progress toward full compliance with such requirements. "(B) APPEARANCE UPON REQUEST. —The Secretary of the Treasury shall appear before the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs of the House of Representatives or the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the Senate, upon the request of the chairman of the committee, to report on any certification made to the Congress under subparagraph (A). "(5) RETURN TO TREASURY.— If the aggregate amount of funds transferred to the Corporation pursuant to this subsection exceeds the amount needed to carry out the purposes of this section or to meet the requirements of section ll(a)(6)(F) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, such excess amount shall be deposited in the general fund of the Treasury. "(6) FUNDS ONLY FOR DEPOSITORS.— Notwithstanding any Erevision of law other than section 13(c)(4)(G) of the Federal leposit Insurance Act, funds appropriated under this section shall not be used in any manner to benefit any shareholder of— "(A) any insured depository institution for which the Corporation has been appointed conservator or receiver, in connection with any type of resolution by the Corporation; " (B) any other insured depository institution in default or in danger of default, in connection with any type of resolution by the Corporation; or " (C) any insured depository institution, in connection with the provision of assistance under section 11 or 13 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act with respect to such institution, except that this subparagraph shall not prohibit