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PUBLIC LAW 103-208—DEC. 20, 1993 107 STAT. 2459 (10) in section 402C(c), by striking "and foreign" and inserting "foreign"; (11) in section 402D(c)(2), by striking "either"; (12) in section 404A(1), by striking "mgh-school" and inserting "high school"; (13) in section 404B(a)(l>— (A) by striking "section 403C" and inserting "section 404D"; and (B) by striking "section 403D" and inserting "section 4040"; (14) in section 404B(a)(2), by inserting "shall" after "paragraph (1)"; (15) in section 404C(b)(3)(A), by striking "grades 12" and inserting "grade 12"; (16) in section 404C(b)(3)(D)(i), by striking "section 401D of this subpart" and inserting "section 402D"; (17) in section 404C(b)(3)(D)(ii), by striking "section 401D of this part" and inserting "section 402D"; (18) in section 404D(d)(3), by striking "program of instruction" and inserting "program of undergraduate instruction"; (19) in section 404D(a)(4), by striking "the" the first place it appears; (20) in section 404E(c), by striking "tuition" and inserting "financial"; (21) in section 404F(a), by striking "under this section shall biannually" and inserting under this chapter shall bienniaUy"; (22) in section 404F(c), by striking "biannually" and inserting "biennially"; (23) in section 404Gr— (A) by striking "an appropriation" and inserting "to be appropriated"; and (B) by striking the second sentence and inserting the following: "For any fiscal year for which funds are authorized to be appropriated to carry out subpart 4 of part A of this title, no amount may be expended to carry out the provisions of this chapter unless the amount appropriated for such fiscal year to carry out such subpart 4 exceed $60,000,000. "; (24) in section 409A(1), by striking "private financial" and inserting "private student financial"; (25) in section 413C(d)— (A) by striking ", a reasonable proportion of the institution's allocation shall be made available to such students, except that" and inserting "and"; and (B) by striking "5 percent of the need" and inserting "5 percent of the total financial need"; (26) in section 413D(d)(3)(C), by striking "three-fourths in the Pell Grant family size offset" and inserting "150 percent of the difference between the income protection allowance for a family of five with one in college and the income protection allowance for a family of six with one in college"; (27) in section 415C(b)(7), by striking the period at the end and inserting a semicolon; (28) in section 419C(b)— (A) by striking "for a period of not more than 4 years for the first 4 years of study and inserting "for a period 20 USC 1070a-13. 20 USC 1070a-14. 20 USC 1070a-21. 20 USC 1070a-22. 20 USC 1070a-23. 20 USC 1070a-24. 20 USC 1070a-25. 20 USC 1070a-26. 20 USC 1070a-27. 20 USC 1070a-51. 20 USC 1070b-2. 20 USC 1070b-3. 20 USC 1070C-2. 20 USC 1070d-33.