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PUBLIC LAW 103-208—DEC. 20, 1993 107 STAT. 2485 (44) in part D of title X, by redesignating section 1181 as section 1081; (45) in section 1081(d) (as so redesignated) by inserting a comma after "this title)" and after "such institutions"; (46) in section 1106(a), by striking "may receive a grant" and inserting "may receive such a grant"; (47) in section 1142(d)(2), by inserting "program" afl«r "literacy corps"; (48) in the last sentence of section 1201(a), by striking "subpart 3 of part H," and inserting "subpart 2 of part H oftitlelVofthisAct,"; (49) by amending section 1204 to read as follows: "TREATMENT OF TERRITORIES AND TERRITORIAL STUDENT ASSISTANCE "SEC. 1204. (a) The Secretary is required to waive the eligibility criteria of any postsecondary education program administered by the Department where such criteria do not take into account the unique circumstances in Guam, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Palau, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the freely associated states. "(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an institution of higher education that is located in any of the freely associated states, rather than a State, shall be eligible, if otherwise qualified, for assistance under chapter 1 of subpart 2 of part A of title IV of this Act"; (50) in section 1205, in the section heading, by inserting "NATIONAL ADVISORY" before "COMMITTEE"; (51) in section 1205(a), by inserting "National Advisory" before "Committee" the first place it appears; (52) in paragraphs (1) and (6) of section 1205(c), by inserting "of title IV of this Act" afl»r "part H"; (53) in section 1205(f), by striking "Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility" and inserting "Institutional QuaUty and Integrit3r"; (54) in section 1209(fKl), by striking "the Act" and inserting "this Act"; (55) in title XII, by redesignating section 1211 (as added by section 6231 of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988) as section 1212; and (56) in section 1212(e)(2) (as so redesignated), by inserting close quotation marks after "facilities" the first place it appears, (k) AMENDMENTS TO THE 1992 AMENDMENTS.— The Higher Education Amendments of 1992 (Public Law 102-325; 106 Stat. 459) is amended— (1) in section 401(d)(2)(A), by inserting "the first place it appears" before "the following:"; (2) in section 425(d)(l)— (A) by inserting "the second sentence or after "(1) in"; and (B) by striking "in the second sentence"; (3) in section 425(d)(4)— (A) by inserting "the second sentence or after "(4) in"; and (B) by striking "in the second sentence"; 20 USC 1135f. 20 USC 1136e. 20 USC 1138a. 20 USC 1141. 20 USC 1144. 20 USC 1144a. 20 USC 1145. 20 USC 1145d. 20 USC 1145f, 1145d-l. 20 USC 1070a. 20 USC 1082. (4) in section 426(c), by striking inserting "new subsection"; "new subsections" and 20 USC 1083.