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107 STAT. 2552 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—NOV. 21, 1993 line shall be conducted in compliance with that more restrictive recommendation or agreement. Agreed to November 16, 1993. Nov. 21, 1993 [S. Con. Res. 50] ANTI-BOYCOTT RESOLUTION OF 1993 Whereas the signing on September 13, 1993, of the Declaration of Principles between the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Government of Israel signals a new era of cooperation in the Middle East; Whereas a true peace in the Middle East can only be established and remain in effect if there is economic stability and cooperation in the region; Whereas adherence to the Arab League boycott of Israel is a source of economic instability in the Middle East; Whereas the members of the Arab League instituted a primary boycott against Israel in 1948; Whereas in the early 1950's the Arab states instituted a secondary and tertiary boycott against United States and other firms because of their commercial ties to Israel; Whereas the boycott attempts to use economic blackmail to force United States firms to comply with boycott regulation; Whereas the boycott was cited by the United States Trade Representative in the 1992 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers as an "additional legal restraint to United States trade in the region"; Whereas hundreds of United States firms have been blacklisted and barred from doing business with members of the Arab League under the secondary and tertiary boycott; / Whereas the total damage caused by the boycott is unknown because the number of United States firms that conduct business with Israel have not attempted commercial transactions with members of the Arab League; due to the boycott is uncertain; and Whereas the United States has a policy of prohibiting United States firms from providing Arab states with the requested information about compliance to boycott regulation: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This resolution may be cited as the "Anti-Boycott Resolution of 1993". SEC. 2. EXPRESSION OF CONGRESSIONAL VIEWS. The Congress— (1) believes the continuation of the Arab League boycott of Israel will be a severe impediment to the economic prosperity of all participating nations and to the establishment of a lasting peace and prosperity in the Middle East; (2) believes the secondary and tertiary boycott cause substantial economic losses to United States firms: