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107 STAT. 2006 PUBLIC LAW 103-176—DEC. 3, 1993 Confidential information. 25 USC 3612. Contracts. (6) Provide funds to Indian tribes and tribal organizations for the continuation and enhancement of traditional tribal judicial practices. (d) No IMPOSITION OF STANDARDS. —Nothing in this Act shall be deemed or construed to authorize the Office to impose justice stcmdards on Indian tribes. (e) ASSISTANCE TO TRIBES. —(1) The Office shall provide technical assistance and training to any Indian tribe or tribal organization upon request. Technical assistance and training shall include (but not be limited to) assistance for the development of—


(A) tribal codes and rules of procedure; (B) tribal court administrative procedures and court records ., management systems; (C) methods of reducing case delays; (D) methods of alternative dispute resolution; (E) tribal standards for judicial administration and conduct; and (F) long-range plans for the enhancement of tribal justice systems. (2) Technical assistance and training provided pursuant to paragraph (1) may be provided through direct services, by contract with independent entities, or through grants to Indian tribes or tribal organizations. (f) INFORMATION CLEARINGHOUSE ON TRIBAL JUSTICE SYS- TEMS. — The Office shall maintain an information clearinghouse (which shall include an electronic data base) on tribal justice systems and Courts of Indian Offenses, including (but not limited to) information on staffing, funding, model tribal codes, tribal justice activities, and tribal judicial decisions. The Office shall take such actions as may be necessary to ensure the confidentiality of records and other matters involving privacy rights. SEC. 102. SURVEY OF TRIBAL JUDICIAL SYSTEMS. (a) IN GENERAL. —Not later than six months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary, in consultation with Indian tribes, shall enter into a contract with a non-Federal entity to conduct a survey of conditions of tribal justice systems and Courts of Indian Offenses to determine the resources and funding, including base support funding, needed to provide for expeditious and effective administration of justice. The Secretary, in like manner, shall annually update the information and findings contained in the survey required under this section. (b) LOCAL CONDITIONS. — In the course of any annual survey, the non-Federal entity shall document local conditions of each Indian tribe, including, but not limited to— (1) the geographic area and population to be served; (2) the levels of functioning and capacity of the tribal justice system; (3) the volume and complexity of the caseloads; (4) the facilities, including detention facilities, and program resources available; (5) funding levels and personnel staffing requirements for the tribal justice system; ana (6) the training and technical assistance needs of the tribal justice system. (c) CONSULTATION WITH INDIAN TRIBES.—The non-Federal entity shall actively consult with Indian tribes and tribal organiza-