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PUBLIC LAW 103-176—DEC. 3, 1993 107 STAT. 2007 tions in the development and conduct of the surveys, including updates thereof, under this section. Indian tribes and tribsu organizations shall have the opportunity to review and make recommendations regarding the findings of the survey, including updates thereof, prior to final publication of the survey or any update thereof. After Indian tribes and tribal organizations have Reports. reviewed and commented on the results of the survey, or any update thereof, the non-Federal entity shall report its findings, together with the comments and recommendations of the Indian tru)es and tribal organizations, to the Secretary, the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate, and the Subcommittee on Native American Affairs of the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives. SEC. 103. BASE SUPPORT FUNDING FOR TRIBAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS. 25 USC 3613. (a) IN GENERAL.—Pursuant to the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistence Act, the Secretary is authorized (to the extent provided in advance in appropriations Acts) to enter into contracts, grants, or agreements with Indian tribes for the performance of any fiuiction of the Office and for the development, enhancement, and continuing operation of tribal justice systems and traditional tribal judicial practices by Indian tribal governments. (b) PURPOSES FOR WHICH FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE MAY BE USED.—Financial assistence provided through contracts, grants, or agreemente entered into pursuant to this section may be used for— (1) planning for the development, enhancement, and operation of tribal justice systems; (2) the employment of judicial personnel; (3) training programs and continuing education for tribal judicial personnel; (4) the acquisition, development, and maintenance of a law library and computer assisted legal research capacities; (5) the development, revision, and publication of tribal codes, rules of practice, rules of procedure, and stendards of judicial performance and conduct; (6) the development and operation of records management systems; (7) the construction or renovation of facilities for tribal justice systems; (8) membership and related expenses for participation in national and regional organizations of tribal justice systems and other professional organizations; and (9) the development and operation of other innovative and culturally relevant programs and projects, including (but not

  • limited to) programs and projects for—

(A) alternative dispute resolution; (B) tribal victims assistence or victims services; (C) tribal probation services or diversion programs; (D) juvenile services and multidisciplinary investigations of child abuse; and (E) traditional tribal judicial practices, traditional tribal justice systems, and traditional methods of dispute resolution. " (c) FORMULA.—(1) Not later than 180 days after the date of Regulations. the enactment of this Act, the Secretary, with the full participation of Indian tribes, shall esteblish and promulgate by regulation, a