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PROCLAMATION 6577^JULY 2, 1993 107 STAT. 2693 (a) providing information about the tourist facilities and attractions in their respective countries to the public, the travel industry, and the media; (b) holding meetings and workshops for representatives of the travel industry, as appropriate; (c) participating in trade shows; (d) distributing advotising and promotional materials such as post^s, brochures, and photographs to the public, the travel industry, and the media; (e) performing tourism market research. 5. Nothing in this letter shall obligate either Party to open an official gov«-nmental tourism office in the territory of the other. COMMERCIAL TOURISM COMPANIES 1. Commercial tourism companies, whether privately or governmentally owned, or branches thereof, shall be treated as private commercial companies, fiiliy subject to all applicable laws and regulations of the host country. 2. Each Party shall ensure within the scope of its legal authority and in accordance with its laws and regulations that any company owned, controlled, or administered by that Party or any joint venture therewith, or any private company or joint venture between private companies, which e^ctively controls a significant proportion of the tourism and travel-related services in the traritory of that Party shall provide those services to nationals and companies of the other Party on a fair and equitable basis. Nothing in this letter or in the Agre^nent shall be construed to mean that tourism and travel-related services shall not receive the benefits &om the Agreement as fully as all other industries and sectors. I have the furthra" honor to propose that this understanding be treated as an integral part of the Agreement I would be grateful if you would confirm that this understanding is shared by your government. I have the further honor to confirm that the foregoing understanding is shared by my Government and constitutes an integral part of the Agreement Since rely, John R. Davis, Jr. Bucharest, April 3, 1992. The Honorable Constantin Fota, Minister of Commerce and Tourism Romania Dear Mr. Minister, I have the honor to confirm receipt of your letter that reads as follows: Deal Mr. Ambassador: In connection with the signing on this date of the Agreement on Trade Relations between the Government of the United States and the Government of Romania (the "Agreement"), I have the honor to confirm the understanding reached by our Governments as follows: The Parties agree to provide adequate and effective protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and layout designs for integrated circuits. Each Party reaffirms its commitments to those international agreements relating to intellectual property to which both Parties are signatories. Specifically, each Party reaffirms the commitments made with respect to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (Stockholm Act, 1967) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.