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PROCLAMATION 6580—JULY 15, 1993 107 STAT. 2713 Section B. Effective with respect to goods originating in the territory of Canada entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the date specified in a notice by the U.S. Trade Representative and pubhshed in the Federal Register (such date to coincide with the date of implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement) the HTS is modified as follows: (1) For HTS subheadings 5801.25.00, 5801.35.00 and 8540.11.00, in the Rates of Duty 1- Special subcolumn, by striking the symbol "(CA)" and the duty rate preceding it, and inserting in lieu thereof in the parentiieses following the "Free" rate of duty the symbol "CA," in alphabetical order. (2) By deleting from the article description of HTS subheading 9905.00.30 "5801.25" and " 5801.35". (3) By inserting the following HTS subheading in numerical sequence in subchapter V of chapter 99 in the HTS with the material, which is set forth in columnar format, inserted in the columns of the HTS designated "Heading/Subheading", "Article Description", and "Rates of Duty l-Special", respectively: Bracketed matter is included to assist in understanding of proclaimed modifications. [Goods originating...:] "9905.73.04 Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles of stainless steel containing by weight 24 percent or more of nickel (provided for in subheading 7304.41.00 or 7304.49.00) Free (CA)" Section C. Effective with respect to goods originating in the territory of Canada entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the dates set forth in the following tabulation. For subheading 4421.90.95, on or after January 1 of each of the following years, the rate of duty in the Rates of Duty 1-Special subcoliunn in the HTS that is followed by the symbol "CA" in parentheses is deleted and the following rates of duty inserted in lieu thereof. HTS Subheading 4421.90.95 1994 2% 1995 1.5% 1996 1% 1997 0.5% 1998 Free Proclamation 6580 of July 15, 1993 Captive Nations Week, 1993 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Since 1959, when the Congress designated the third week of July as "Captive Nations Week," Americans have set aside this week to remember those who suffer under the yoke of oppressive governments. Many brave people who sought freedom and liberty brought down these totalitarian regimes, and this week we recognize their sacrifices. But we must also rededicate ourselves to those who are still struggling in regions of the world where hirnian rights and individual liberties are not upheld. Over two centuries ago our forefathers fought for the cause of freedom and democracy, and these ideals have continued to be embraced by nations around the world. As America declared its independence, our country provided inspiration for all those who did not enjoy the rights that we held to be self-evident. We cannot abandon those we have encouraged. Our efforts in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastem Europe have been rewarded by a wave of freedom throughout the region. Furthermore, these nations have proven their resolve and commitment to the difficult and frustrating transition to democratic, mar-