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PUBLIC LAW 103-177 —DEC. 3, 1993 107 STAT. 2019 faction of the intern's obligated service agreement under paragraph (4). (b) COOPERATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM.—(1) The Secretary shall medntain, through the Bureau, a cooperative education program for the purpose, among other things, of recruiting Indian and Aleiska Native students who are enrolled in secondary schools, tribally controlled community colleges, and other postsecondary or graduate schools, for employment in professional agricultural or related positions with the Bureau or other Federal agency providing Indian agricultural or related services. (2) The cooperative educational program under paragraph (1) shall be modeled after, and shall have essentially the same features ^ as, the program in efiTect on the date of enactment of this Act pursuant to chapter 308 of the Federal Personnel Manual of the Office of Personnel Management. (3) The cooperative educational program shall include, among others, the following: (A) The Secretary shall continue the established specific programs in agriculture and natural resources education at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) and at Haskell Indian Junior College. (B) The Secretary shall develop and maintain a cooperative program with the tribally controlled commiinity colleges to coordinate course requirements, texts, and provide direct technical assistance so that a significant portion of the college credits in both the Haskell and Southwestern Indian Poly- technic Institute programs can be met through local program work at participating tribally controlled community colleges. (C) Working through tribally controlled community colleges and in cooperation wiui land grant institutions, the Secretary shall implement an informational and educational program to provide practical training and assistance in creating or maintaining a successful agricultural enterprise, assessing sources of commercial credit, developing markets, and other subjects of importance in agricultural pursuits. (D) Working through tribally controlled community colleges and in cooperation wim land grant institutions, the Secretary shall implement research activities to improve the basis for determining appropriate management measures to apply to Indian agricultural management. (4) Under the cooperative agreement program under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall pay, by reimbursement or otherwise, all costs for tuition, books, and fees of an Indian student who— (A) is enrolled in a course of study at an education institution with which the Secretary has entered into a cooperative agreement; and (B) is interested in a career with the Bureau, an Indian tribe or a tribal enterprise in the management of Indian rangelands, farmlands, or other natural resource assets. (5) A recipient of assistance under the cooperative education program under this subsection shall be required to enter into an obligated service agreement with the Secretary to serve as a professional in an agricmtural resoiurce related activity with the Bureau, or other Federal agency providing agricultural or related services to Indians or Indian tribes, or an Indian tribe for one year for each year for which the Secretary pays the recipients educational costs pursuant to paragraph (3).