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SUBJECT INDEX B3 International Parental Kidnapping Act of 1993 National Child Protection Act of 1993 National Community Service Trust Act of 1993 Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 Civil Rights Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 Claims Mining claims, subsurface estates, notification Colorado Bowen Gulch Protection Area, establishment Colorado Wilderness Act of 1993 Farr Pumping Plant, designation Fossil Ridge Recreation Management Area, establishment Commerce and Trade See also Business and Industry Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric I^ade, TX, establishment Department of Commerce Appropriations Act, 1994 National Cooperative Production Amendments of 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement Act Quarterly financial statistics, collection and publication, reauthorization Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 Romania, most-favored-nation status, extension Uruguay Round Trade Agreement Negotiations, extension Commissions See Boards and Commissions Commonwealth of Independent States Act For Reform In Emerging New Democracies and Support and Help for Improved Partnership with Russia, Ukraine, and Other New Independent States Cooperative Tlu-eat Reduction Act of 1993 FRIENDSHIP Act!!!.!!!!!."!]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supplemental Appropriations for the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union Act, 1993 Page 1998 2490 785 649 1488 . 60 761 756 766 760 2158 1169 117 2057 1030 667 1373 239 Communications Licensing and spectrum allocation improvement 2317 1777 2317 974 379 Page Telephone subscriber information, required certification 1491 Community Development Community Development Block Grants, technical amendment 2297 Empowerment zones 543,664 HUD Demonstration Act of 1993 1144 Community Service Domestic Volunteer Service Act Amendments 898 National Community Service Trust Act of 1993 785 Concurrent Resolutions Anti-Boycott Resolution of 1993 2552 Atlantic bluefin tuna, conservation and management 2550 Capitol buildings and grounds Days of Remembrance ofVictims of the Holocaust 2508 National Peace Officers' Memorial Service 2539 Presidential inauguration 2505 Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Capitol 2548 Soap box derby races 2540 Special Olympics, torch relay 2540 Congress Adjournment 2506, 2507, 2538, 2541, 2542, 2543, 2546, 2549, 2554 Joint session 2505, 2507, 2543 Death of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agents 2507 Enrolled bills, corrections Electric and telephone loan program improvements (H.R. 3123) Lime Research, Promotion, and Consimier Information Improvement Act (S. 1766) 2546 2554 Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriation Act, 1994 (H.R. 2403) 2548 Federal budget, fiscal years 1994^ 1998 2508 International Rescue Committee, sixtieth anniversary 2547 International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2553 Marine mammals, conservation and protection 2538 Publications, printing "Guide to Research Collections of Former United States Senators" 2544 "Senate Election, Expulsion, and Censure Cases" 2545