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107 STAT. 2034 PUBLIC LAW 103-178—DEC. 3, 1993 by such additional or supplemental amounts as may be necessary for increases in such compensation or benefits authorized by law. SEC. 302. RESTRICTION ON CONDUCT OF INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES. The authorization of appropriations by this Act shall not be deemed to constitute authority for the conduct of any intelligence activity which is not otherwise authorized by the Constitution or laws of the United States. SEC. 303. TEMPORARY PAY RETENTION FOR CERTAIN FBI EMPLOYEES. (a) IN GENERAL.—Section 406 of the Federal Employees Pay 5 USC 5305 Comparability Act of 1990 (104 Stat. 1467) is amended to read "o^ as follows: 'nSEC. 406. FBI NEW YORK FIELD DIVISION. (a) The total pav of an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned to the New York Field Division before the date of September 29, 1993, in a position covered by the demonstration project conducted under section 601 of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1989 (Public Law 100-453) shall not be reduced as a result of the termination of the demonstration project during the period that employee remains employed after that date in a position covered by the demonstration project. "(b) Beginning on September 30, 1993, any periodic payment under section 601(a)(2) of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1989 for an^^ such employee shall be reduced by the amount of any increase in basic pay under title 5, United States Code, including the following provisions: an annual adjustment under section 5303, locality-based comparability payment under section 5304, initiation or increase in a special pay rate under section 5305, promotion under section 5334, periodic step increase under section 5335, merit increase under section 5404, or other increase to basic pay under any provision of law.". 5 USC 5305 (b) EFFECTIVE DATE. — The amendment made by subsection (a) shall take efiTect as of September 30, 1993, and shall apply to the pay of employees to whom the amendment applies that is earned on or after that date. SEC. 304. ANNUAL REPORT ON INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY. (a) ANNUAL DCI REPORT. — Title I of the National Security Act of 1947 is amended by adding at the end the following new section: "ANNUAL REPORT ON INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES 50 USC 404d. "SEC. 109. (a) IN GENERAL.—The Director of Central Intelligence shall submit to Congress an annual report on the activities otthe intelligence community. The annual report under this section shall be unclassified. "(b) MATTERS TO BE COVERED IN ANNUAL REPORT.—Each report under this section shall describe— "(1) the activities of the intelligence community during the preceding fiscal year, including significant successes and failures that can be described in an imclassifled manner; cmd ^ "(2) the areas of the world and the issues that the Director expects will require increased or unusual attention from the intelligence community during the next fiscal year. "(c) TIME FOR SUBMISSION. —The report under this section for any year shall be submitted at the same time that the President note.