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108 STAT. 4518 PUBLIC LAW 103-433—(XT. 31, 1994 Archeological Centers, a study of the feasibility of establishing a Delta Antiquities Trail or Delta Antiquities Heritage Corridor in the Delta Region. (2) Such study shall, to the extent practicable, use nonintrusive methods of identifying, surveying, inventorying, and stabilizing ancient archeological sites and structures. (3) In undertaking this study, the Secretary is directed to enter into cooperative agreements with the States of the Delta Region, the State Archeological Surveys, and Regional Archeological Centers located in Delta Region institutions of higher education for on-site activities including surveys, inventories, and stabilization and other activities which the Secretary deems appropriate. (4) In addition to the over 100 known ancient archeological sites located in the Delta Region including Watson's Brake, Frenchman's Bend, Hedgepeth, Monte Sano, Banana Bayou, Hornsby, Parkin, Toltec, Menard-Hodges, Eaker, Blytheville Mound, Nodena, Taylor Mounds, DeSoto Mound and others, such study shall also employ every practical means possible, including assistance from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Forest Service and Soil Conservation Service of the Department of Agriculture, the Army Corps of Engineers of the Department of Defense, and other appropriate Federal agencies, to locate and confirm the existence of a site known as Balbansha in southern Louisiana and a site known as Autiamque in Arkansas. The heads of these Federal agencies shall cooperate with the Secretary as the Secretary requires on a non-reimbursable basis. (b) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.—In furtherance of the purposes of this section, the Secretary is authorized to provide technical assistance and grants to private landowners for necessary stabilization activities of identified sites and for preparing recommendations for designating such sites as National Landmarks or other appro- I)riate designations as the Secretary, with the concurrence of the andowners, determines to be appropriate. (c) COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS.— The Secretary is authorized to enter into cooperative agreements with the States, State Archeological Surveys, and Regional Archeological Centers of the Delta Region to develop a ten-year plan for the stabilization, preservation and interpretation of those sites and structures as may be identified by the Secretary. SEC. 1107. HISTORIC AND ARCHEOLOGICAL RESOURCES PROGRAM. (a) PROGRAM.—The Secretary shall conduct a comprehensive program for the research, interpretation, and preservation of significant historic and archeological resources in the Delta Region. (b) ELEMENTS OF THE PROGRAM.— The program shall include, but not be limited to— (1) identification of research projects related to historic and archeological resources in the Delta Region and a proposal for the regular publication of related research materials and publications; (2) the development of a survey program to investigate, inventory and further evaluate known historic and archeological sites and structures and identify those sites and structures that require additional study; (3) identification of a core system of interpretive sites and structures that would provide a comprehensive overview of historic and archeological resources of the Delta Region;