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108 STAT. 4550 PUBLIC LAW 103-434—OCT. 31, 1994 SEC. 1105. REVENUES DERIVED FROM POWER DEVELOPMENT. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Water Conservation and Utilization Act (16 U.S.C. sections 590y-590z-ll) or any relevant provision of the repayment contract Ilr-384, dated July 20, 1942, as amended December 22, 1947, the Mancos Water Conservancy District may receive revenues from the sale of the power generated pursuant to such lease of power privilege. TITLE XII—YAKIMA RIVER BASIN WATER ENHANCEMENT PROJECT SEC. 1201. PURPOSES. The purposes of this title are— (1) to protect, mitigate, and enhance fish and wildlife through improved water management; improved instream flows; improved water quality; protection, creation and enhancement of wetlands; and by other appropriate means of habitat improvement; (2) to improve the reliability of water supply for irrigation; (3) to authorize a Yakima River basin water conservation program that will improve the efficiency of water delivery and use; enhance basin water supplies; improve water quality; protect, create and enhance wetlands; and determine the amount of basin water needs that can be met by water conservation measures; (4) to realize sufficient water savings from the Yakima River Basin Water Conservation Program so that not less than 40,000 acre-feet of water savings per year are achieved by the end of the fourth year of the Basin Conservation Program, and not less than 110,000 acre-feet of water savings per year are achieved by the end of the eighth year of the program, to protect and enhance fish and wildlife resources; and not less than 55,000 acre feet of water savings per year are achieved by the end of the eighth year of the program for availability for irrigation; (5) to encourage voluntary transactions among public and private entities which result in the implementation of water conservation measures, practices, and facilities; and (6) to provide for the implementation by the Yakama Indian Nation at its sole discretion of (A) an irrigation demonstration project on the Yakama Indian Reservation using water savings from system improvements to the Wapato Irrigation Project, and (B) a Toppenish Creek corridor enhancement project integrating agricultural, fish, wildlife, and cultural resources. SEC. 1202. DEFINITIONS. As used in this title: (1) The term "Basin Conservation Plan" means a plan for implementing water conservation measures found in the various water conservation plans developed under the Basin Conservation Program. (2) The term "Basin Conservation Program" means the Yakima River Basin Water Conservation Program established under section 1203(a). (3) The term "comprehensive basin operating plan" means a plan that will provide guidance to the Yakima Project Super-