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PUBLIC LAW 103-434—OCT. 31, 1994 108 STAT. 4553 (A) provide recommendations to the Secretary and to the State of Washington regarding the structure and implementation of the Basin Conservation Program, (B) provide recommendations to the Secretary and to the State of Washington regarding the establishment of a permanent program for the measurement and reporting of all natural flow and contract diversions within the basin, (C) structure a process to prepare a basin conservation plan as specified in subsection (f), (D) provide annual review of the implementation of the applicable water conservation guidelines of the Secretary, and (E) provide recommendations consistent with statutes of the State of Washington on rules, regulations, and administration of a process to facilitate the voluntary sale or lease of water. (4) The facilitator shall arrange for meetings of the Conservation Advisory Group, provide logistical support, and serve as moderator for the meetings. (5) The Conservation Advisory Group shall consult an irrigation district when considering actions specifically affecting that district. For the purposes of this paragraph, an irrigation district includes the Yakima Reservation Irrigation District. (6) The Conservation Advisory Group shall be nonvoting, seeking consensus whenever possible. If disagreement occurs, any member may submit independent comments to the Secretary. The Conservation Advisory Group shall terminate 5 years after the date of its establishment unless extended by the Secretary. (d) COST SHARING.— (1) Except as otherwise provided by this title, costs incurred in the four phases of the Basin Conservation Program shall be shared as follows: Termination date. Program Phase 1. Development of water conservation plans 2. Investigation of specific water conservation measures 3 and 4. Implementation and post implementation monitoring and evaluation Non-Federal State Grant 50% but not more than $200,000 per recipient 50% but sum of1and2 not greater than $200,000 per recipient 17.5% Local (Residual amount if any) 20% after deducting State funds for Item 2 17.5% Federal Grant 50% Residual amount aft«r deducting State and local funds for Item 2 65.0%