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108 STAT. 4556 PUBLIC LAW 103-434—OCT. 31, 1994 (2) There is authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary not more than $23,000,000 for the preparation of plans, investigation of measures, and following the Secretary certification that such measures are consistent with the water conservation objectives of this title, the implementation of system improvements to the Wapato Irrigation Project. Funding for further improvements within the Wapato Irrigation Project may be acquired under the Basin Conservation Program or other sources identified by the Yakama Indian Nation. (3) Water savings resulting from irrigation system improvements shall be available for the use of the Yakama Indian Nation for irrigation and other purposes on the reservation and for protection and enhancement of fish and wildlife within the Yakima River basin. The conveyance of such water through irrigation facilities other than the Wapato Irrigation Project shall be on a voluntary basis and shall not further diminish the amount of water that otherwise would have been delivered by an entity to its water users in years of water proration. (b) IRRIGATION DEMONSTRATION PROJECT APPROPRIATIONS,— (1)(A) There is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary— (i) at September 1990 prices, plus or minus such amounts as may be justified by reason of ordinary fluctuations of applicable cost indexes, $8,500,000 for the design and construction of the Yakama Indian Reservation Irrigation Demonstration Project; and (ii) such sums as may be necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Irrigation Demonstration Project, including funds for administration, training, equipment, materials, and supplies for the period specified by the Secretary, which sums are in addition to operation and maintenance funds for wildlife and cultural purposes appropriated to the Secretary under other authorization. (B) Funds may not be made available under this subsection until the Yakama Indian Nation obtains the concurrence of the Secretary in the construction, management, and administrative aspects of the Irrigation Demonstration Project. (C) After the end of the period specified under subparagraph (A)(ii), costs for the operation and maintenance of the Irrigation Demonstration Project, including funds for administration, training, equipment, materials, and supplies referred to in that subparagraph, shall be borne exclusively by the lands directly benefitting from the Irrigation Demonstration Project. (2) The Irrigation Demonstration Project shall provide for the construction of distribution and on-farm irrigation facilities to use all or a portion of the water savings, as determined by the Yakama Indian Nation, resulting from the Wapato Irrigation Project system improvements for— (A) demonstrating cost-effective state of the art irrigation water management and conservation, (B) the training of tribal members in irrigation methods, operation, and management, and (C) upgrading existing hydroelectric facilities and construction of additional hydroelectric facilities on the reservation to meet irrigation pumping power needs. (c) ToppENisH CREEK CORRIDOR ENHANCEMENT PROJECT APPROPRIATIONS.— There is hereby authorized to be appropriated