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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3635 development schools, teacher networks, and academic alliances, as well as the curriculum for teachers; "(4) specify the commitments the local educational agencies, teacher's union, institutions of higher education, or any other entity participating in such partnership are prepared to make, not only to support program activities such as release time, contractual flexibility, support for interns or student teachers if applicable, but also to sustain the central aspects of the ^ plan after the expiration of the grant; and "(5) describe how the activities described under this part will lead to districtwide policy and budget changes. "SEC. 2305. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. 20 USC 6675. 'The Secretary is authorized to enter into aa arrangement with an intermediary organization to enable such organization to provide technical assistance to eligible partnerships receiving assistance under this part. "SEC. 2306. MATCHING FUNDS. 20 USC 6676. 'The Secretary shall give special priority to awarding grants under this part to eligible partnerships that demonstrate such partnership's ability to raise matching funds from private sources. "PART D—GENERAL PROVISIONS " SEC. 2401. REPORTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY. 20 USC 6701. "(a) STATES.— Each State that receives funds under this part shall submit a report to the Secretary every three years, beginning with fiscal year 1997, on the State's progress toward the performance indicators identified in such State's plan, as well as on the effectiveness of State and local activities assisted under this part. "(b) LOCAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCIES. — Each local educational agency that receives funds under this part shall submit a report to the State every three years, beginning with fiscal year 1997, regarding the progress of such agency toward performance indicators identified in such agenc/s local plan, as well as on the effectiveness of such agency's activities under this part. "(c) FEDERAL EVALUATION.—The Secretary shall report to the President and the Congress on the effectiveness of programs and activities assisted under this part in accordance with section 14701. "(d) PROHIBITION ON FUNDS BEING USED FOR CONSTRUCTION OR RENOVATION. —Funds received under this part shall not be used for construction or renovation of buildings, rooms, or any other facilities. "SEC. 2402. DEFINITIONS. 20 USC 6702. "As used in this part,— "(1) the term 'core academic subjects' means those subjects listed in the State plan under title III of the Groals 2000: Educate America Act or under the third National Education Groal as set forth in section 102(3) of such Act; "(2) the term 'performance indicators' means measures of specific outcomes that the State or local educational agency identifies as assessing progress toward the goal of ensuring that all teachers have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist their students to meet cheillenging State content standards and challenging State student performance standards in the core academic subjects, such as—