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108 STAT. 3678 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 students, community leaders, health service providers, local law enforcement officials, and judicial officials; "(B) the development, identification, dissemination, and evaluation of the most readily available, accurate, and upto-date curriculum materials (including videotapes, softvirare, and other technology-based learning resources), for consideration by local educational agencies; "(C) making available to local educational agencies cost effective programs for youth violence and drug abuse prevention; "(D) demonstration projects in drug and violence prevention; "(E) training, technical assistance, and demonstration projects to address violence associated with prejudice and intolerance; "(F) financial assistance to enhance resources available for drug and violence prevention in areas serving large numbers of economically disadvantaged children or sparsely populated areas, or to meet other special needs consistent with the purposes of this subpart; and "(G) the evaluation of activities carried out within the State under this part. "(2) SPECIAL RULE. —A State educational agency may carry out activities under this subsection directly, or through grants or contracts. "(c) STATE ADMINISTRATION.— ^A State educational agency may use not more than 4 percent of the amount reserved under subsection (a) for the administrative costs of carrying out its responsibilities under this part. " (d) LOCAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCY PROGRAMS.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—^A State educational agency shall distribute not less than 91 percent of the amount made available under subsection (a) for each fiscal year to local educational agencies in accordance with this subsection. "(2) DISTRIBUTION. — <A) Of the amount distributed under paragraph (1), a State educational agency shall distribute— "(i) 70 percent of such amount to local educational agencies, based on the relative enrollments in public and private nonprofit elementary and secondary schools within the boundaries of such agencies; and "(ii) 30 percent of such amount to local educational agencies that the State educational agency determines have the greatest need for additional funds to carry out drug and violence prevention programs authorized by this subpart. "(B) Where appropriate and to the extent consistent with the needs assessment conducted by the State, not less than 25 percent of the amount distributed under subparagraph (A)(ii) for a fiscal year shall be distributed to local educational agencies located in rural and urban areas. "(C)(i) A State educational agency shall distribute funds under subparagraph (A)(ii) to not more than 10 percent of the local educationgd agencies in the State, or five such agencies, whichever is greater. "(ii) In determining which local educational agencies have the greatest need for additional funds, the State educational agency shall consider objective data such as—