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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3703 the transfer of amounts from one category to another is made to a category in which there is the greatest need for funds. "(2) PEER REVIEW.—In order to transfer funds under this subsection, the Secretary shall use a peer review process to determine that such excess funds are not needed to fund projects in particular categories and shall prepare a list of the categories in which funds were not fully expended and the reasons therefor, and make such list available to local educational agencies and educational partnerships upon request. The Secretary may use the peer review process to determine grant recipients of funds transferred in accordance with this subsection. "(e) FEDERAL SHARE.— "(1) FEDERAL SHARE. —The Federal share of a grant under this part may not exceed— "(A) 90 percent of the total cost of a project for the first year for which the project receives assistance under this part; and "(B) 75 percent of such cost in each such succeeding fiscal year. "(2) REMAINING COSTS.— The remaining cost of a project that receives assistance under this part may be paid from any source other than funds made available under this part, except that not more than 10 percent of the remaining cost in any fiscal year may be provided from Federal sources other than this part. "(3) NON-FEDERAL SHARE.—The share of payments from sources other than funds made available under this part may be in cash or in kind fairly evaluated, including plant, equipment or services. "SEC. 5404. APPLICATION. 20 USC 7264. "(a) APPLICATION REQUIRED.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —A grant under this part may be made only to a local educational agency or an educational partnership which submits an application to the Secretary containing such information as may be required by the Secretary by regulation. "(2) DURATION.— Each such application shall be for a threeyear period. "(b) CONTENTS. — Each such application shall— "(1) provide documentation of— "(A) the number of children who were enrolled in the schools to be served by the applicant for the five academic years prior to the date application is made who have not completed their elementary or secondary education and who are classified as school dropouts; and "(B) the percentage that such number of children is of the total school-age population in the applicant's schools; "(2) include a plan for the development and implementation of a school dropout information collection and reporting system for documenting the extent and nature of the dropout problem, which system shall collect and cross tabulate data, where feasible, by sex according to race or ethnicity and socioeconomic status; "(3) include a plan for coordinated activities involving not less than one secondary school and its feeder junior high or