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108 STAT. 3720 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "(2) AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES. — (A) Grants awarded under this section shall be used to improve the education of limited English proficient students and their families by— "(i) developing and implementing comprehensive preschool, elementary, or secondary bilingual education or special alternative instructional programs that are coordinated with other relevant programs and services to meet the full range of educational needs of limited English proficient students; and "(ii) providing inservice training to classroom teachers, administrators, and other school or community-based organizational personnel to improve the instruction and assessment of language-minority and limited English proficient students. "(B) Grants under this section may be used to improve the education of limited English proficient students and their families by— " (i) implementing family education programs and parent outreach and training activities designed to assist parents to become active participants in the education of their children; "(ii) improving the instructional program for limited English proficient students by identifying, acquiring, and upgrading curriculum, instructional materials, educational software and assessment procedures and, if appropriate, applying educational technology; "(iii) compensating personnel, including teacher aides who have been specifically trained, or are being trained, to provide services to children and youth of limited English proficiency; "(iv) providing tutorials and academic or career counseling for children and youth of limited-English proficiency; and "(v) providing such other activities, related to the purposes of this part, as the Secretary may approve. "(c) ELIGIBLE ENTITY. —For the purpose of this section the term 'eligible entity' means— "(1) one or more local educational agencies; "(2) one or more local educational agencies in collaboration with an institution of higher education, community-based organization or local or State educational agency; or "(3) a community-based organization or an institution of higher education which has an application approved by the local educational agency to develop and implement early childhood education or family education programs or to conduct an instructional program which supplements the educational services provided by a local educational agency. "(d) DUE CONSIDERATION.— In awarding grants under this section, the Secretary shall give due consideration to the need for early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary education programs. 20 USC 7423. "SEC. 7113. PROGRAM ENHANCEMENT PROJECTS. "(a) PURPOSE.— The purpose of this section is to carry out highly focused, innovative, locally designed projects to expand or enhance existing bilingual education or special alternative instructional programs for limited English proficient students.