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108 STAT. 3846 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "(D) a description of how the school or consortium will serve as a delivery center for existing and new services, especially for interactive telecommunication used for education and professional training; and "(E) an assurance that the school or consortium will establish a facility utilization policy that specifically states— "(i) the rules and regulations applicable to building and equipment use; and "(ii) supervision guidelines. "(b) PRIORITY.— The Secretary shall give priority to applications describing projects that offer a broad selection of services which address the needs of the community. 20 USC 8245. "SEC. 10905. USES OF FUNDS. "Grants awarded under this part may be used to plan, implement, or expand community learning centers which include not less than four of the following activities: "(1) Literacy education programs. "(2) Senior citizen programs. "(3) Children's day care services. "(4) Integrated education, health, social service, recreational, or cultural programs. "(5) Summer and weekend school programs in conjunction with recreation programs. "(6) Nutrition and heedth programs. "(7) Expanded library service hours to serve community needs. "(8) Telecommunications and technology education programs for individuals of all ages. "(9) Parenting skills education programs. "(10) Support and training for child day care providers. "(11) Employment counseling, training, and placement. "(12) Services for individuals who leave school before graduating from secondary school, regardless of the age of such individual. "(13) Services for individuals with disabilities. 20 USC 8246. "SEC. 10906. DEFINITION. "For the purpose of this part, the term 'community learning center' means an entity within a public elementary or secondary school building that— "(1) provides educational, recreational, health, and social service programs for residents of all ages within a local community; and "(2) is operated by a local educational agency in conjunction with local governmental agencies, businesses, vocational education programs, institutions of higher education, community colleges, and cultural, recreational, and other community and human service entities. 20 USC 8247. "SEC. 10907. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. 'There are authorized to be appropriated $20,000,000 for fiscal year 1995, and such sums as may be necessary for each of the four succeeding fiscal years, to carry out this part.