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108 STAT. 3868 PUBLIC LAW 103-382-OCT. 20, 1994 "(4) Access to health and social service programs can address the basic physical and emotional needs of children so that children can fully participate in the learning experiences offered children in school. "(5) Services for at-risk students need to be more convenient, and less fragmented, regulated and duplicative, in order to meet the needs of children and their families. "(6) School personnel, parents, and support service providers often lack knowledge of, and access to, available services for at-risk students and their families in the community, and have few resources to coordinate services and make services accessible. "(7) Service providers, such as teachers, social workers, health care and child care providers, juvenile justice workers and others, are often trained in separate disciplines that provide little support for the coordination of services. "(8) Coordination of services is more cost effective because such coordination substitutes prevention for expensive crisis intervention. "(9) Coordinating health and social services with education can help the Nation meet the National Education Groals by ensuring better outcomes for children. "(b) PURPOSE OF COORDINATING SERVICES.—The purpose of this title is to provide elementary and secondary school students and their families better access to the social, health and education services necessary for students to succeed in school and for their families to take an active role in ensuring that such students receive the best possible education. 20 USC 8402. "SEC. 11002. DEFINrriONS. "For the purpose of this title— "(1) the term 'coordinated services project' means a comprehensive approach to meeting the educational, health, social service, and other needs of children and their families, including foster children and their foster families, through a community- wide partnership that links public and private agencies providing such services or access to such services through a coordination site at or near a school; and "(2) the term 'eligible entity' means a local educational agency, school, or a consortium of schools. 20 USC 8403. "SEC. 11003. AUTHORITY. "In order to use funds made available under section 14206(b) for the development, or the implementation or expansion, of a coordinated service project an eligible entity shall have an application approved under subsection (b) or (c), respectively, of section 11004. 20 USC 8404. "SEC. 11004. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION. " (a) APPLICATIONS.—Each eligible entity desiring to use funds made available under section 14206(b) shall submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner and accompanied by such information as the Secretary may reasonably require. "(b) PROJECT DEVELOPMENT PLAN. —The application for the development of the coordinated services project under this title shall cover a period of not more than 1 year and shall include a plan that—