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108 STAT. 3892 PUBLIC LAW 103-382-OCT. 20, 1994 20 USC 8823. "SEC. 14203. CONSOLmATION OF FUNDS FOR LOCAL ADMINISTRATION. "(a) GENERAL AUTHORITY.— In accordance with regulations of the Secretary, a local educational agency, with the approval of its State educational agency, may consolidate and use for the administration of one or more covered programs for any fiscal year not more than the percentage, established in each covered program, of the total amount available to the local educational agency under such covered programs. "(b) STATE PROCEDURES.— Within one year from the date of enactment of the Improving America's Schools Act of 1994, a State educational agency shall, in collaboration with local educational agencies in the State, establish procedures for responding to requests from local educational agencies to consolidate administrative funds under subsection (a) and for establishing limitations on the amount of funds under covered programs that may be used for administration on a consolidated basis. "(c) CONDITIONS.—^A local educational agency that consolidates administrative funds under this section for any fiscal year shall not use any other funds under the programs included in the consolidation for administration for that fiscal year. "(d) USES OF ADMINISTRATIVE FUNDS.^A local educational agency that consolidates administrative funds under this section may use such consolidated funds for the administration of covered programs and for the uses described in section 14201(b)(2). "(e) RECORDS. —^A local educational agency that consolidates administrative funds under this section shall not be required to keep separate records, by individual covered program, to account for costs relating to the administration of covered programs included in the consolidation. 20 USC 8824. "SEC. 14204. ADMINISTRATIVE FUNDS STUDIES. "(a) FEDERAL FUNDS STUDY.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall conduct a study of the use of funds under this Act for the administration, by State and local educational agencies, of all covered programs, including the percentage of grant funds used for such purpose in all covered programs. Effec^e date. " (2) STATE DATA. —Beginning in fiscal year 1995 and each ^ succeeding fiscgd year thereafter, each State educational agency which receives funds under title I shall submit to the Secretary a report on the use of title I funds for the State administration of activities assisted under title I. Such report shall include the proportion of State administrative funds provided under section 1603 that are expended for— "(A) basic program operation and compliance monitoring; "(B) statewide program services such as development of standards and assessments, curriculum development, and program evaluation; and "(C) technical assistance and other direct support to local educational agencies and schools. "(3) FEDERAL FUNDS REPORT. — The Secretary shall complete the study conducted under this section not later than July 1, 1997, and shall submit to the President and the appropriate committees of the Congress a report regarding such study within 30 days of the completion of such study.