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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3949 "(g) CONFLICT OF INTEREST.— No member of the new Council shall cast a vote on any matter that would provide direct financial benefit to such member or otherwise give the appearance of a conflict of interest under applicable State law. "(h) COMPENSATION AND EXPENSES. —The new Council may, consistent with State law, use such resources to reimburse members of the new Council for reasonable and necessary expenses of attending the new Council meetings and performing Council duties (including child care and personal assistance services), and to pay compensation to a member of the new Council, if such member is not employed or must forfeit wages from other employment, for each day the member is engaged in performing Council duties. ! "SEC. 708. AUTHORIZED ACTIYITIES. 20 USC 1491g. \ "(a) IN GENERAL.— ^A State that receives a grant under section 704 may use the funds made available through the grant to carry out systems change activities, which accomplish the purposes described in section 702, such as the following activities: "(1) TRAINING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.—The State may support training and technical assistance activities for family members, service providers, community members, professionals, members of the Council, students and others that will do the following: "(A) Increase family participation, choice, and control in the provision of family support for families of children with disabilities. "(B) Promote partnerships with families of children with disabilities at all levels of the service system. "(C) Develop or strengthen family-centered and family- directed approaches to services, including service coordination services, service planning services, and respite care services. "(D) Assist families of children with disabilities in accessing natural and community supports and in obtaining benefits and services. "(2) INTERAGENCY COORDINATION. — The State may support activities that conduct the following: "(A) Identification and coordination of Federal and State policies, resources, and services, relating to the provision of family support services for families of children with disabilities, including entering into interagency agreements. "(B) Interagency work groups to enhance public funding options and coordinate access to funding for family support services for families of children with disabilities, with special attention to the issues of family involvement in the identification, planning, use, delivery, and evaluation of such services. "(C) Documentation and dissemination of information about interagency activities that promote coordination with respect to family support services for families of children with disabilities, including evidence of increased participation of State and local health, maternal and child health, social service, mental health, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, child protection, education, early intervention, developmental disabilities councils, agencies, and departments.