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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3959 such agency received under this subtitle for fiscal year 1990, to conduct activities under subsection (f) directly or through grants or contracts. "(2) SPECIAL RULE.—I f the amount allotted to a State educational agency for any fiscal year under this subtitle is less than the amount such agency received for fiscal year 1990 under this subtitle, such agency, at such agency's discretion, may provide grants to local educational agencies in accordance with section 723 or may conduct activities under subsection (f) directly or through grants or contracts. " (0 FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICE OF COORDINATOR. —The Coordinator of Education of Homeless Children and Youth established in each State shall— "(1) estimate the number of homeless children and youth in the State and the number of such children and youth served with assistance provided under the grants or contracts under this subtitle; "(2) gather, to the extent possible, reliable, valid, and comprehensive information on the nature and extent of the problems homeless children and youth have in gaining access to public preschool programs and to public elementary and secondary schools, the difficulties in identifying the special needs of such children and youth, any progress made by the State educational agency and local educational agencies in the State in addressing such problems and difficulties, and the success of the program under this subtitle in allowing homeless children and youth to enroll in, attend, and succeed in, school; "(3) develop and carry out the State plan described in subsection (g); "(4) prepare and submit to the Secretary not later than Reports. October 1, 1997, and on October 1 of every third year thereafter, a report on the information gathered pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2) and such additional information as the Secretary may require to carry out the Secretary's responsibilities under this subtitle; "(5) facilitate coordination between the State educational agency, the State social services agency, and other agencies providing services to homeless children and youth, including nomeless children and youth who are preschool age, and families of such children and youth; and "(6) develop relationships and coordinate with other relevant education, child development, or preschool programs and providers of services to homeless children, homeless families, and runaway and homeless youth (including domestic violence agencies, shelter operators, transitional housing facilities, runaway and homeless youth centers, and transitional living programs for homeless youth), to improve the provision of comprehensive services to homeless children and youth and their families. "(g) STATE PLAN.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— Each State shall submit to the Secretary a plan to provide for the education of homeless children and youth within the State, which plan shall describe how such children and youth are or will be given the opportunity to meet the same challenging State student performance standards all students are expected to meet, shall describe the procedures the State educational agency will use to identify such