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108 STAT. 3990 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "(vi) the costs of boarding arrangements, where determined necessary by a tribal governing body or designated local school board; "(vii) costs associated with greater lengths of service by educational personnel; and "(viii) special programs for gifted and talented students; "(C) the cost of providing academic services which are at least equivalent to those provided by public schools in the State in which the school is located; and "(D) such other relevant factors as the Secretary determines are appropriate. "(2) Upon the establishment of the standards required by sections 1121 and 1122, the Secretary shall revise the formula established under this subsection to reflect the cost and funding standards so established. Prior to January 1, 1996, the Secretary shall review the formula established under this section and shall take such steps as may be necessary to increase the availability of counseling services for students in off-reservation boarding schools and other Bureau operated residential facilities. Concurrent with such action, the Secretary shall review the standards established under section 1121 to be certain that adequate provision is made for parental notification regarding, and consent for, such counseling services. "(b) Notwithstanding any other provisions of law. Federal funds appropriated for the general local operation of Bureau funded schools shall be allotted pro rata in accordance with the formula established under subsection (a). "(c)(1) For fiscal year 1990, and for each subsequent fiscal year, the Secretary shall adjust the formula established under subsection (a) to— "(A) use a weighted unit of 1.2 for each eligible Indian student enrolled in the seventh and eighth grades of the school in considering the number of eligible Indian students served by the school; "(B) consider a school with an enrollment of less than 50 eligible Indian students as having an average daily attendance of 50 eligible Indian students for purposes of implementing the adjustment factor for small schools; and "(C) take into account the provision of residential services on a less than 9-month basis at a school when the school board and supervisor of the school determine that a less than 9-month basis will be implemented for the school year involved. "(2)(A) The Secretary shall reserve for national school board training 0.2 percent of the funds appropriated for each fiscal year for distribution under this section. Such training shall be conducted through the same organizations through which, and in the same manner in which, the training was conducted in fiscal year 1992, except that the contracts for distribution of such funds shall require that such funds be distributed by the recipient organizations in a manner that assures the same pro rata share is made available for training for each school board in the system. If the contract for such training is not awarded before May 1 of each fiscal year, the contract under which such training was provided for the fiscal year preceding such fiscal year shall be renewed by the Secretary for such fiscal year. The agenda for the training sessions shall