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108 STAT. 4014 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 purpose of planning and coordinating all educational programs of the tribe. "(b) Grants provided under this section shall— "(1) be based on applications from the governing body of the tribe, "(2) reflect factors such as geographic and population diversity, Oklahoma. "(3) facilitate tribal control in all matters relating to the education of Indian children on Indian reservations and on former Indian reservations in Oklahoma, "(4) provide for the development of coordinated educational programs on Indian reservations (including all preschool, elementary, secondary, and higher or vocational educational programs funded by tribal. Federal, or other sources) by encouraging tribal administrative support of all Bureau funded educational programs as well as encouraging tribal cooperation and coordination with all educational programs receiving financial support from State agencies, other Federal agencies, or private entities, "(5) provide for the development and enforcement of tribal educational codes, including tribal educational policies and tribal standards applicable to curriculum, personnel, students, facilities, and support programs, and "(6) otherwise comply with regulations for grants under section 103(a) of the Indian Self-Determination and Educational Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 450h) that are in effect on the date application for such grants are made. "(c)(1) In approving and funding applications for grants under this section, the Secretary shall give priority to any application that— "(A) includes assurances from the majority of Bureau funded schools located within the boundaries of the reservation of the applicant that the tribal department of education to be funded under this section will provide coordinating services and technical assistance to all of such schools, including the submission to each applicable agency of a unified application for funding for all of such schools which provides that— "(i) no administrative costs other than those attributable to the individual programs of such schools will be associated with the unified application, and "(ii) the distribution of all funds received under the unified application will be equal to the amount of funds provided by the applicable agency to which each of such schools is entitled under law, "(B) includes assurances from the tribal governing body that the tribal department of education funded under this section will administer all contracts or grants (except those covered by the other provisions of this title and the Trioally Controlled Community College Assistance Act of 1978) for education programs administered by the tribe and will coordinate all of the programs to the greatest extent possible, "(C) includes assurances for the monitoring and auditing by or through the tribal department of education of all education programs for which funds are provided by contract or grant to ensure that the programs meet the requirements of law, and "(D) provides a plan and schedule for—