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PUBLIC LAW 103-407—OCT. 22, 1994 108 STAT. 4211 (b) POLICY. —It is the policy of Congress that it is in the public interest to authorize the establishment, through the exercise of the powers provided in this Act, of an orderly procedure for developing, financing (through adequate assessments on sheep and sheep products produced or imported into the United States), and carrying out an effective, continuous, coordinated program of promotion, research, consumer information, education, and industry information designed to— (1) strengthen the position of the sheep and sheep product industry in the marketplace; (2) maintain and expand existing domestic and foreign markets and uses for sheep and sheep products; and (3) develop new marlcets and uses for sheep and sheep products. (c) CONSTRUCTION. —Nothing in this Act provides for the control of production, or otherwise limits, the right of any person to produce sheep or sheep products. SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS. 7 USC 7102. As used in this Act (unless the context clearly requires otherwise): (1) BOARD.— The term "Board" means the National Sheep Promotion, Research, and Information Board established under section 5(b). (2) CARBONIZED WOOL.— The term "carbonized wool" means wool that has been immersed in a bath, usually of mineral acids or acid salts, that destroys vegetable matter in the wool, but does not affect the wool fibres. (3) CONSUMER INFORMATION.—The term "consumer information" means nutritional data and other information that will assist consumers and other persons in making evaluations and decisions regarding the purchase, preparation, or use of sheep products. (4) CUSTOMS SERVICE.— The term "Customs Service" means United States Customs Service of the Department of the Treasury. (5) DECREASED WOOL.— The term "degreased wool" means wool from which the bulk of impurities has been removed by processing. (6) DEPARTMENT. — The term "Department" means the United States Department of Agriculture. (7) EDUCATION. — The term "education" means activities providing information relating to the sheep industry or sheep products to producers, feeders, importers, consumers, and other persons. (8) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.—The term "Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee established under section 5(g). (9) EXPORTER. — The term "exporter" means any person who exports domestic live sheep or greasy wool from the United States. (10) FEEDER. —The term "feeder" means a person who feeds lambs until the lambs reach slaughter weight. (11) GREASY WOOL.— The term "greasy wool" means wool that has not been washed or otherwise cleaned. (12) HANDLER.— The term "handler" means any person who purchases and markets greasy wool.