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108 STAT. 4212 PUBLIC LAW 103-407-OCr. 22, 1994 (13) IMPORTER.— The term "importer" means any person who imports sheep or sheep products into the United States. (14) INDUSTRY INFORMATION. — The term "industry information" means information and programs that will lead to increased efficient^ in processing and the development of new markets, marketing strategies, increased marketing efficiency, and activities to enhance the image of sheep or sheep products . on a national or international basis. (15) ORDER. —The term "order" means a sheep and wool promotion, research, education, and information order issued under section 4. ' (16) PERSON.— The term "person" means any individual, group of individuals, partnership, corporation, association, cooperative, or any other legal entity. (17) PROCESSOR. —The term "processor" means any person who slaughters sheep or processes greasy wool into degreased wool. (18) PRODUCER.— The term "producer" means any person, other than a feeder, who owns or acquires ownership of sheep. (19) PRODUCER INFORMATION. —The term "producer information" means activities designed to provide producers, feeders, and importers with information relating to production or marketing efficiencies or developments, program activities, or other information that would facilitate an increase in the consumption of sheep or sheep products. (20) PROMOTION. —The term "promotion" means any action (including paid advertising) to advance the image and desirability of sheep or sheep products to improve the competitive position, and stimulate sales, of sheep products in the domestic and international marketplace. (21) PULLED WOOL. —The term "pulled wool" means wool that is pulled from the skin of a slaughtered sheep. (22) QUALIFIED STATE SHEEP BOARD.—The term "quaUfied State sheep board" means a sheep and wool promotion entity that^ (A) is authorized by State statute or is otherwise organized and operating within a State; (B) receives voluntary contributions or dues and conducts promotion, research, or consumer information programs with respect to sheep or wool, or both; and (C) is recognized by the Board as the sheep and wool promotion entity within the State; except that not more than 1 quaUfied State sheep board shall exist in any State at any 1 time. (23) RAW WOOL. — The term "raw wool" means greasy wool, pulled wool, degreased wool, or carbonized wool. (24) RESEARCH. —The term "research" means development projects and studies relating to the production (including the feeding of sheep), processing, distribution, or use of sheep or sheep products to encourage, expand, improve, or make more efficient the marketing of sheep or sheep products. (25) SECRETARY,—The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of Agriculture. (26) SHEEP.— The term "sheep" means ovine animals of any age, including lambs.