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PUBLIC LAW 103-407—OCT. 22, 1994 108 STAT. 4213 (27) SHEEP PRODUCTS.—The term "sheep products" means products produced, in whole or in part, from sheep, including wool and products containing wool fiber. (28) STATE.— The term "State" means each of the 50 States. (29) UNIT. —The term "unit" means each State, group of States, or class designation that is represented on the Board. (30) UNITED STATES.— The term "United States" means the 50 States and the District of Columbia. (31) WOOL. —The term "wool" means the fiber from the fleece of a sheep. (32) WOOL PRODUCTS. —The term "wool products" means products produced, in whole or in part, from wool and products containing wool fiber. SEC. 4. ISSUANCE AND AMENDMENT OF ORDERS. 7 USC 7103. (a) IN GENERAL. —Subject to subsection (b), the Secretary shall issue orders under this Act applicable to producers, feeders, importers, handlers, and purchasers of sheep and sheep products. Any order shall be national in scope. Not more than 1 order shall be in effect under this Act at any 1 time. (b) PROCEDURE.— (1) PROPOSAL OR REQUEST FOR ISSUANCE.— The Secretary may propose the issuance of an order under this Act, or an association of producers may request the issuance of, and submit a proposal for, an order. (2) NOTICE AND COMMENT CONCERNING PROPOSED ORDER.— Publication. Not later than 60 days after the receipt of a request and proposal for an order under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall publish a proposed order and give due notice and opportunity for public comment on the proposed order. (3) ISSUANCE OF ORDERS.— After notice and opportunity for public comment are given as provided in paragraph (2), the Secretary shall issue an order, taking into consideration the comments received, that includes provisions necessary to ensure that the order is in conformity with this Act. The order shall be issued not later than 180 days following publication of the proposed order. (4) REFERENDUM.— The order shall go into effect only if the order is approved by producers, feeders, and importers in a referendum conducted under section 6. (c) AMENDMENTS. —The Secretary, from time to time, may amend any order issued under this Act. SEC. 5. REQUIRED TERMS IN ORDERS. 7 USC 7104. (a) IN GENERAL.— An order issued under this Act shall contain the terms and conditions specified in this section. (b) ESTABLISHMENT AND MEMBERSHIP OF BOARD.— (1) IN GENERAL.— The order shall provide for the establishment of, and appointment of members to, a National Sheep Promotion, Research, and Information Board to administer the order. Members of the Board shall be appointed by the Secretary from nominations provided in accordance with this subsection. The cumulative number of seats on the Board shall be 120 and shall be apportioned as follows: