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PUBLIC LAW 103-412 —OCT. 25, 1994 108 STAT. 4243 (2) that only funds held for Indian tribes may be withdrawn and that any funds held for individual tribal members are not to be included in the plan. SEC. 204. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. 25 USC 4024. The Secretary shall— (1) directly or by contract, provide Indian tribes with technical assistance in developing, implementing, and managing Indian trust fund investment plans; and (2) among other things, ensure that legal, financial, and other expertise of the Department of the Interior has been made fully available in an advisory capacity to the Indian tribes to assist in the development, implementation, and management of investment plans. SEC. 205. GRANT PROGRAM. 25 USC 4025. (a) GENERAL AUTHORITY. —The Secretary is authorized to award grants to Indian tribes for the purpose of developing and implementing plans for the investment of Indian tribal trust funds. (b) USE OF FUNDS.— The purposes for which funds provided under this section may be used include (but are not limited to)— (1) the training and education of employees responsible for monitoring the investment of trust funds; (2) the building of tribal capacity for the investment and management of trust funds; (3) the development of a comprehensive tribal investment plan; (4) the implementation and management of tribal trust fund investment plans; and (5) such other purposes related to this title that the Secretary deems appropriate. SEC. 206. RETURN OF WITHDRAWN FUNDS. 25 USC 4026. Subject to such conditions as the Secretary may prescribe, any Indian tribe which has withdrawn trust funds may choose to return any or all of the trust funds such tribe has withdrawn by notifying the Secretary in writing of its intention to return the funds to the control and management of the Secretary. SEC. 207. SAVINGS PROVISION. 25 USC 4027. By submitting or approving a plan under this title, neither the tribe nor the Secretary shall be deemed to have accepted the account balance as accurate or to have waived any rights regarding such balance and to seek compensation. SEC. 208. REPORT TO CONGRESS. 25 USC 4028. The Secretary shall, beginning one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, submit an annual report to the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate on the implementation of programs under this title. Such report shall include recommendations (if any) for changes necessary to better implement the purpose of this title. SEC. 209. REGULATIONS. 25 USC 4029. (a) IN GENERAL.— Not later than 12 months after the date of enactment of this title, the Secretary shall promulgate final regulations for the implementation of this title. All regulations promulgated pursuant to this title shall be developed by the Sec-