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108 STAT. 4274 PUBLIC LAW 103-413—OCT. 25, 1994 "(B) shall be responsible for the administration of programs, services, functions, and activities pursuant to agreements entered into under this section; and "(9) prohibit the Secretary from waiving, modifying, or diminishing in any way the trust responsibility of the United States with respect to Indian tribes and individual Indians that exists under treaties. Executive orders, and other laws. "(c) ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES.— Each funding agreement negotiated pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) may, in accordance to such additional terms as the parties deem appropriate, also include other programs, services, functions, and activities, or portions thereof, administered by the Secretary of the Interior which are of special geographic, historical, or cultural significance to the participating Indian tribe requesting a compact. "(d) PROVISIONS RELATING TO THE SECRETARY.—Funding agreements negotiated between the Secretary and an Indian tribe shall include provisions— "(1) to monitor the performance of trust functions by the tribe through the annual trust evaluation, and "(2) for the Secretary to reassume a program, service, function, or activity, or portions thereof, if there is a finding of imminent jeopardy to a physical trust asset, natural resources, or public health and safety. "(e) CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS.—(1) Regarding construction programs or projects, the Secretary and Indian tribes may negotiate for the inclusion of specific provisions of the Office of Federal Procurement and Policy Act and Federal acquisition regulations in any funding agreement entered into under this Act. Absent a negotiated agreement, such provisions and regulatory requirements shall not apply. "(2) In all construction projects performed pursuant to this title, the Secretary shall ensure that proper health and safety standards are provided for in the funding agreements. "(f) SUBMISSION FOR REVIEW.—Not later than 90 days before the proposed effective date of an agreement entered into under this section, the Secretary shall submit a copy of such agreement to— "(1) each Indian tribe that is served by the Agency that is serving the tribe that is a party to the funding agreement; "(2) the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate; and "(3) the Subcommittee on Native American Affairs of the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives. "(g) PAYMENT. — (1) At the request of the governing body of the tribe and under the terms of an agreement entered into under this section, the Secretary shall provide funding to the tribe to carry out the agreement. "(2) The funding agreements authorized by this title and title III of this Act shall provide for advance payments to the tribes in the form of annual or semi-annual installments at the discretion of the tribes. "(3) Subject to paragraph (4) of this subsection and paragraphs (1) through (3) of subsection (b), the Secretary shall provide funds to the tribe under an agreement under this title for programs, services, functions, and activities, or portions thereof, in an amount equal to the amount that the tribe would have been eligible to receive under contracts and grants under this Act, including