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PUBLIC LAW 103-429—OCT. 31, 1994 108 STAT. 4385 "(b) TEMPORARY SUSPENSION. —The Secretary may authorize the temporary suspension of foreign air transportation under subsection (a) of this section when the Secretary finds the suspension is in the public interest.". (B) The analysis of chapter 413 is amended by adding immediately after item 41311 the following: "41312. Ending or suspending foreign air transportation.". (52) The chapter heading for chapter 417 is amended to read as follows: "CHAPTER 417—OPERATIONS OF CARRIERS". (53) In section 41715(d)(1), strike "41731(a)(3)" and substitute " 41731(a)(4)". (54) In section 44502(b), insert "Government" before "money may be expended". (55) In section 44701(d) and (e), strike "section 44702-44716" and substitute "any of sections 44702-44716". (56) In sections 44711(a)(2)(B), (5), and (7) and 46310(b), insert "any of sections" before "44702-44716". (57) In section 44937, strike "44906(a)(1) or (b)" and substitute "44906". (58) In section 45105(a), strike "section 45102(a)(1)(A)" and substitute "section 45102(a)(1)". (59) Section 45302 is amended by adding at the end the following: "(e) EFFECTIVE DATE.— ^A fee may not be imposed under this section before the date on which the regulations prescribed under sections 44111(d), 44703(f)(2), and 44713(d)(2) of this title take effect.". (60) In section 46301— (A) in subsection (a)(1)(A), strike "section 41301-41306" and "section 44701(a)" and substitute "any of sections 41301-41306" and "any of sections 44701(a)", respectively; (B) in subsections (a)(2)(A), (d)(2), and (f)(l)(A)(i), strike "section 44701(a)" and substitute "any of sections 44701(a)"; and (C) in subsection (c)(1)(A), strike "section 41301-41306" and substitute "any of sections 41301-41306". (61) In section 46502(a)(2)(B) and (b)(1)(B), insert "notwithstanding section 3559(b) of title 18," before "if the death". (62) In section 47101(a)(12), strike "Act" and substitute "subchapter". (63) Section 47104(c) is amended to read as follows: " (c) EXPIRATION OF AUTHORITY. —After September 30, 1996, the Secretary may not incur obligations under subsection (b) of this section, except for obligations of amounts— "(1) remaining available after that date under section 47117(b) of this title; or "(2) recovered by the United States Government from grants made under this chapter if the amounts are obligated only for increases under section 47108(b)(2) and (3) of this title in the maximum amount of obligations of the Government for any other grant made under this title.". (64) Section 47110(b)(2) is amended to read as follows: