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108 STAT. 4388 PUBLIC LAW 103-429—OCT. 31, 1994 deciding whether an sdrcraft complies with subpart I of part 91 of title 14.". (B) The analysis of chapter 475 is amended by inserting immediately after item 47509 the following: "47510. Tradeoff allowance.". (73) Section 47531 is amended as follows: (A) Strike "sections 47528" and substitute "section 47528". (B) Insert "any of before "those". (C) Insert "any of sections" before "44702-44716". (74) In section 47532, insert "any of before "sections". (75) In section 60109(a)(2), strike "60102(c)" and substitute "6 0102(e)". (76) In section 60112(d), add ", including suspended or restricted use of the facUity, physical inspection, testing, repair, replacement, or other appropriate action after "action". (77) Section 60117(i) is amended as follows: (A) Insert "(1)" before "After". (B) Add at the end the following: "(2) In consultation with the Occupational Seifety and Health Administration, the Secretary shall establish procedures to notify the Administration of any pipeline accident in which jin excavator that has caused damage to a pipehne may have violated a regulation of the Administration.. (78) The chapter heading for chapter 701 is amended to read as follows: " CHAPTER 701-COMMERCIAL SPACE LAUNCH ACTIVITIES". (79) The chapter heading for chapter 801 is amended to read as follows: " CHAPTER 801—BILLS OF LADING". (80) In section 40110(b)(2)(A), insert "notwithstanding section 1341(a)(1) of title 31," before "lease". (81) Section 41734(g)(2) is amended to read as follows: "(2) the authority to be transferred is being used to provide Eiir service to another eligible place.". SEC. 7. TECHNICAL CHANGES TO OTHER LAWS. Effective (a) Effective July 5, 1994— ^^^- (1) Section 708 of the Railroad Revitahzation and Regulatory 45 USC 856. Reform Act of 1976 (Public Law 94-210, 90 Stat 31) is repealed. (2) Section 232A of the Act of October 12, 1984 (Public Law 49 USC app. 98-473,98 Stat 2031), is repealed. 1472. (3) Section 4 of the Act of July 5, 1994 (Public Law 103- 272, 108 Stat 1360), is amended as follows: 31 USC 3302. (A) In subsection (f)(1)(H), insert "of the 2d sentence" after "end". 31 USC 3726. (B) Subsection (f)( 1)(N) is repealed. (C) Subsection (j)(5)(B) is amended to read as follows: "(B) In the analysis of chapter 1, strike the 2 items 110 and item 111 and substitute— "110. Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. "111. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.".