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PUBLIC LAW 103-432—OCT. 31, 1994 108 STAT. 4399 Subtitle B—Provisions Relating to Part B PART I—PHYSICIANS' SERVICES Sec. 121. Development and implementation of resource-based methodology for practice expenses. Sec. 122. Geographic cost of practice index refinements. Sec. 123. Extra-billine limits. Sec. 124. Relative vanies for pediatric services. Sec. 125. Administration of claims relating to physicians'services. Sec. 126. Miscellaneous and technical corm:tions. PART II—DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Sec. 131. Certification of suppliers. Sec. 132. Restrictions on certain marketing and sales activities. Sec. 133. Beneficiary liability ibr noncovered services. Sec. 134. Adjustments for inherent reasonableness. Sec. 135. Miscellaneous and technical corrections. PART III—OTHER ITEMS AND SERVICES Sec. 141. Ambulatory surgical center services. Sec. 142. Study of medicare coverage of patient care costs associated with clinical trials of new cancer therapies. Sec. 143. Study of annual cap on amount of medicare payment for outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy services. Sec. 144. Payment 01 part B premium late enrollment penalties by States. Sec. 145. Application of Tnammography certification requirements. Sec. 146. Coverage of services oi speedrlanguage pathologists and audiologists. Sec. 147. Miscellaneous and techmcal corrections. Subtitle C—Provisions Relating to Parts A and B Sec. 151. Medicare secondary payer reforms. Sec. 152. Physician ownership and referral. Sec. 153. Definition of FMGEMS examination for payment of direct graduate medical education. Sec. 154. Qualified medicare beneficiary outreach. Sec. 155. Hospital agreements with organ procurement organizations. « Sec. 156. Peer review organizations. Sec. 157. Health maintenance organizations. Sec. 158. Home health agencies. Sec. 159. Permanent extension of authority to contract with fiscal intermediaries and carriers on other than a cost basis. Sec. 160. Miscellaneous and technical corrections. Subtitle D—Provisions Relating to Medicare Supplemental Insurance Polides Sec. 171. Standards for medicare supplemental insurance policies. Sec. 172. 6-month extension of period for issuance of medicare select policies. TITLE II—MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH SERVICES BLOCK GRANT PRO- GRAM, INCOME SECURITY, HUMAN RESOURCES, AND RELATED PRO- GRAMS Sec. 201. Increase in authorization of appropriations for the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant Program. Subtitle A—Child Welfare, Foster Care, Adoption Sec. 202. Required protections for foster children. Sec. 203. Conformity reviews. Sec. 204. States required to report on measures taken to comply with the Indian Child Welfare Act. Sec. 205. Child welfare traineeships. Sec. 206. Dispositional hearing. Sec. 207. Elimination of foster care ceilings and of authority to transfer unused foster care funds to child welfare services programs. Sec. 208. Demonstration projeci:s. Sec. 209. Placement accountability. Sec. 210. Payments of State claims for foster care and adoption assistance. Sec. 211. Effect of failure to carry out State plan. Subtitle B—Child Support Enforcement Sec. 212. Reports to credit bureaus on persons delinquent in child support payments. Sec. 213. Technical amendments to provision on State paternity establishment programs.