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PUBLIC LAW 104-52—NOV. 19, 1995 109 STAT. 483 ties, Federal Buildings Fund, Limitations on Availability of Revenue" in Public Law 101-509, $55,000,000 are rescinded: Provided further, That the limitation on the availability of revenue contained in such Act is reduced by $55,000,000: Provided further. That all funds for direct construction projects shall expire on September 30, 1997, and remain in the Federal Buildings Fund except funds for projects as to which funds for design or other funds have been obligated in whole or in part prior to such date: Provided further. That claims against the Government of less than $250,000 Claims, arising from direct construction projects, acquisitions of buildings and purchase contract projects pursuant to Public Law 92-313, be liquidated with prior notification to the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate to the extent savings are effected in other such projects; (2) not to exceed $637,000,000 shall remain available until expended, for repairs and alterations which includes associated design and construction services: Provided further. That the amounts provided in this or any prior Act for Repairs and Alterations may be used to fund costs associated with implementing security improvements to buildings necessary to meet the minimum standards for security in accordance with current law and in compliance with the reprogramming guidelines of the appropriate Committees of the House and Senate: Provided further. That funds in the Federal Buildings Fund for Repairs and Alterations shall, for prospectus projects, be limited to the amount by project as follows, except each project may be increased by an amount not to exceed 10 per centum unless advance approval is obtained from the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate of a greater amount: Repairs and Alterations: Arkansas: Little Rock, Federal Building, $7,551,000 California: Sacramento, Federal Building (2800 Cottage Way), $13,636,000 District of Columbia: ICC/Connecting Wing Complex/Customs (phase 2/3), $58,275,000 Illinois: Chicago, Federal Center, $45,971,000 Maryland: Woodlawn, SSA East High-Low Buildings, $17,422,000 North Dakota: Bismarck, Federal Building, Post Office and U.S. Courthouse, $7,119,000 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Byrne-Green Complex, $30,909,000 Philadelphia, SSA Building, Mid-Atlantic Program Service Center, $11,376,000 Puerto Rico: Old San Juan, Post Office and U.S. Courthouse, $25,701,000 Dallas, Federal Building (Griffin St.), $5,641,000 Washington: Richland, Federal Building, U.S. Post Office, and Courthouse, $10,000,000 Nationwide: